Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holy Guacamole Avacado Dip!!

Could this be a credible poll??

Thought food

Memorial Day Idiocy
"It is the dissenter who protects your freedom. It is the whistle blower that exposes government corruption who is worthy of respect. It is all who stand up to this massive government and the military industrial complex, fighting and exposing the state at every opportunity, who are the real patriots."
Gary D. Burnett, friend and fellow fighter for Liberty

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Savages of Stockholm

The Western ideal has been reduced to a personal technocratic utopia built on efficiency and it has collided in the night with an Eastern ideal of the clan and a theocratic utopia built on total purity. That is the kind of conflict that the creed of good fences for good neighbors was meant for, but there are no fences tall enough to work it out within a single nation. Savages of Stockholm

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hey! Are YOU are Racist, too??

See if you are on the same page with this remarkable writer for an unremarkable newspaper.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Words I Wish I Wrote

"The common denominator in all of this is government. It is the modern day equivalent of typhoid Mary, infecting all that it comes in contact with duplicity, dishonesty and corruption."  

Libertas Media Project guest Monty Pelerin, also purveyor of Monty Pelerin's World provides excellent analysis and insight to our world as it is: ""the terminal state of broken".

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fear? Exaggeration? Or Truth? Wanna know?

"Government is now so huge, powerful, and callous that citizens risk becoming virtual serfs, lacking the freedoms guaranteed by the Founders. Is that perennial fear an exaggeration? Survey the current news." Victor Davis Hanson

VDH is one of the most brilliant people I've had the pleasure of interviewing on the "old show". His latest is another solid account of where we are and where we're going. Click here

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maybe the tide is turning after all! Some encouraging Sunday reading...

Frequent guest on my former show, Fritz Wenzel, Wenzel Stratgies, has this tidbit that should brighten the end of your weekend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Mises Institute founder and purveyor of LewRockwell.com, Lew Rockwell (ya think?) and I have rousing go at Freedom and current events in today's yap fest at Libertas Media Project.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Does the name strike a familiar note?

Walter Block. If flashing lights aren't going off, you haven heard one of the foremost Libertarian, anarcho-capitalist economists of our day. Author of "Defending the Undefendable", we talk the basics of Freedom, Libertarianism, the morality of the NAP, prostitution, smoking, and other Freedom inhibiting matters when we talk it up at the Libertas Media Project! (Pod cast available later this afternoon).

Monday, May 6, 2013

Benghazi: Much worse than you've thought, heard or read.

Libertas Media Project friend and overseer of Monty Pelerin's World, Monty Pelerin and blogger/ reporter Doug Ross bring us to the epicenter of the Benghazi story. Yes, it's government criminality at every level, on all sides - but much more than you have likely imagined. As Pelerin and Ross explain in unexpurgated terms, the truths embedded in the Benghazi scandal could bring down the entire culture of "two-party" criminality that is Washington, DC itself - precisely the thorough cleansing that city and our government require if Freedom is going to get a second chance. Unfortunately, there is little to suggest anything like that will happen.

 Read it here. Then share with your friends who give a damn.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We need to become our own heroes.

“Libertarian” Gun Control? Not!

For someone who single-handedly brought about the landmark Heller decision, it is nearly incomprehensible Robert Levy penned the atrocity that appeared under his name in the New York Times . The Old Gray Lady used Levy’s stature to heap decidedly un-libertarian blessings on the re-submission of the defeated Manchin-Toomey “compromise” gun control legislation. That the Times so bastardized “libertarian” as an adjective to warn lawmakers is not surprising.

Levy recommends the Senate should pass the bill warts and all lest they and gun owners suffer “…accusations from President Obama and others that they are merely obstructionists, zealots who will not agree to common-sense gun legislation”

(ahem) What happened to principles vs. ad homonyms?

 Other errors of omission or commission:

<<It would allow Americans to buy handguns from out-of-state sellers, which is not allowed currently. >>

Wrong as written. A handgun seller in Peoria can sell to anyone in the USA providing it is shipped to the buyer’s FFL holder and said buyer successfully submit to the BATFE Form 4473 processing through the NICS System. Regardless of the local FFL participation, the buyer is purchasing the handgun from an out of state seller. The M-T compromise does not circumvent or eliminate the 4473 - NICS process.

<It would explicitly prohibit the creation of a national gun registry, and make it a felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison, to misuse records from the national database used for background checks.>

Even the Most Tenuously Connected know this and previous administrations have wallowed in multiple violations of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, Magna Carta, Ten Commandments, Ms. Manners and the Red Hat Society. Government’s collective (pun intended) record continues to grow poorly disguised as the US Revised Code, SCOTUS precedents and innumerable suffocating regulations. To wit: HHS Kathleen Sebelius' latest move conjoining HIPPA and NICS to "share" your personal health info in order to “insure” elusive “public safety” remarkably ignoring that sharing health info via HIPPA is illegal.

 “Extending background checks to unlicensed sellers shouldn’t be cause for alarm...”

One word: Infringe. Another word: Waco. Can anything originating within government have a positive relationship with advancing Freedom, Liberty, and Individual Responsibility? When has this President - or any politician - spoke out affirmatively for Life, Liberty, Private Property and then so much as proposed legislation enhancing any one of them or repealing just one of those that trespass those unalienable rights? How about some old-fashioned facts such legislation would advance safety one iota?

Cue the crickets…..                                                   

 “…the taxpayers - not just law-abiding gun owners - should foot some of the bill [to add] more F.B.I. staff members to manage the database [to]help expedite the process..The government needs to hire enough staff members to promptly conduct checks…”

This is hardly the libertarian notion of smaller government and less regulatory intrusion. It is confounding any genuine libertarian would place such faith in the efficiency and benevolence of federal agencies.

“Gun-rights supporters should not stand in the way of reasonable reform.”

Here’s real libertarian “reasonable”, courtesy of an Oregon jurist: Repeal of FOPA 86, GCA 68, NFA34. Enact a statute requiring that any local, county, state, or federal official who violates the 2nd Amendment shall be subject to a 10 year minimum prison sentence at hard labor. Hand copying the Constitution. With quill and parchment. With a minimum of 5,000 error and smudge free copies required to be produced before he's unshackled. Copies to be sold to help defray the costs of his daily gruel.

All in favor………….?

What's missing in all “gun control” discussions is the inconvenient fact the Constitution, as written, does not grant the federal government any authority over firearms within the 50 united States irrespective of the Second Amendment.

“The Manchin-Toomey proposal, with the changes I’ve suggested, would offer substantial benefits while imposing tolerable restrictions...”

Who gets to define "tolerable"? As the quote worthy Tom Sowell notes: “The most basic question is not necessarily what’s “best”, but who shall decide what’s best.” (Emphasis mine).
“...none of which intrude on our core Second Amendment liberties.”

So incremental intrusion (see also: infringement) is OK? There is nothing “libertarian” about that!

  “Mancin-Toomey would offer substantial benefits while imposing tolerable restrictions”

The perfect epitaph for the Second Amendment.

As posted at Lew Rockwell.com