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Dumming Dumber

Reading the Comments Sections is often more enlightening than whatever intel the article may contain. While the rhetoric rapidly degenerates into redundant screeds employing the same old same old cute cliches, one still gets the sense (or lack thereof) of one's fellow citizens - and their most tenuous grasp on reason, logic, reflection and reality.

Here is a small example I stumbled upon this morning after reading about Congressman Eric Cantor's severe re-election problems here in central Virginia. See if you can spot the single most glaring error in the post...

Cantor is the typical politician – will do anything to stay in DC. Democrat or Republican, all are Washington prostitutes bought with who has the most suit cases full of money. By the time they are elected they are owned by the Lobbyist. Write your Congressman and tell them we need a Federal law limiting all that want to be the Elites in DC to a max of $1 million they can spend and no campainging until 6 months before the election. Hillery Clinton spent $90 million in 2007 for her New York Senate seat. Thats a lot of favors owed.

Hopefully you zoomed in on one of the dumbest (and regular) "ingredients" your average poster posts. See the sentence mid-graph: "Write your Congressman and tell him...". Seriously?

Dear Mr/Ms Poster: Yeah, you do that. And after turning your scribbles over to the bankrupt USPS for (alleged) delivery, take a few nanoseconds to ponder the potential  for your success. Start with this: You are "telling" your Congressman to act in total opposition to his personal/professional self-interest. Remind yourself a politicians first obligation is to himself and his re-election, not "representing" you; that's why he has an expensive and pampered staff. And finally, even if said Congressman were to actually act on your proffered "demand", how many snowballs in hell will melt before his colleagues will join him in passing legislation that, if crafted meaningfully, would actually work - and most likely to his defeat next election day?

As Ben F. famously said, "Lost time is never found again." Writing letters to politicians is a colossal waste of valuable time better spent elsewhere...

For all the Spellcheck Nazis: The title is spelled as intended.


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