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(Still) Stuck On Stupid

Gazing at the heady world of International Finance, damn near every country is spending more than it takes in. Those countries whose national debt does not exceed their annual GDP are well down the road of reversing that. The BDMs (Big Decision Makers) believe insolvent nations can be bailed out by printing money. An insolvent nation wants bail out money to service its existing debt and keep the gravy train running on time. In return for bail out money, the insolvent nation will raise taxes to service the existing debt, keep the gravy train running and service the new bail out debt. Raising taxes reduces revenue and creates more government dependents. This results in more debt and a greater need for bail out money to keep the gravy train runni….well, you get the point. After tens of thousands of years of evolution how come so few people know the First Rule of Holes? "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." (Gracias, Will Rogers).   Why do all politicians be

Two For The Road - or wherever

Here are a couple of straight-from-the-muzzle articles you should read - and share with your friends. Both writers are in the process of being booked on the show. Will post when confirmed. BW Hazardous Game - James Kunstler What's Next - Simon Black