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Your But's too big for Freedom

Here's my latest for  Lew Rockwell Of the 2 dozen +/- pieces I've written for Lew's  web site, each has generated a smattering of comments and generally appreciative emails. Because Lew's stable of writers and posters include some of the giant intellects in the Freedom and Liberty effort, I tend to wrap my scribblings in something resembling "humor" while still attempting to advance a thought, an idea, a concept worthy of consideration. (I'm not about to cross philosophical swords with the likes of Walter Williams, Tom Woods, Gerald Celente, et al) Still, I am fascinated at those who are so tightly wrapped, they can't resist firing off written evidence of their cluelessness. Here the exchange: -----Original Message----- From: richard burnett Sent: May 13, 2011 11:58 AM To: Subject: But You sound like Bill Handel when you wrote about the pro-public education advocates—“It’s for the Children” and all that. You do, so

Brain Food

Libertarian veteran and friend, Dr. LeRoy Lloyd forwarded John Hayward's thought-provoking piece. Left hanging: What to do about it? Read this   While your at it, you might want to check out a scandal of such mind-blowing proportions, it has all but escaped the exposure it so richly deserves - also from John Hayward . Get a glimpse the future from another pal of mine who has been writing about for years. Here! And this: Are we "importing" our own demise ? Coming soon: "I On Toledo", Part One - an essay of many parts discussing, reviewing, regurgitating what passes for "reality" (among other things) in the God-forsaken swamp when Apathy breeds, aggressive ignorance abounds - and the natives are damn proud of themselves! Blog on.......