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Worth 14 minutes...

"Josie Outlaw" is a series of  vids focusing on the principles of freedom, liberty, history from a perspective you may have never confronted.... Watch here

No Room in the Tent

Adding to the Libertarian tent in Scott Lazarowitz’s excellent LRC piece   and “… because the “libertarianism” argument seems to be such a hot-button issue at this time, I instead want to add my two-cents worth on that issue.”…. I’ll see those two cents and raise ya two! Among the many worthy statements made, this paragraph crystallizes the essential element missing from the “Me,Too”-ism currently buzzing around all around Libertarianism-ville.

What's going on here?

Can't remember the first time I interviewed Paul Craig Roberts; best guess circa 1993 on WWRC/DC when he was with the Cato Institute. While imprecise on the date, my memory of the conversation is clear: difficult. Very smart guys who have an inkling they're very smart can be very difficult to interview when you are not a regular resident of their intellectual stratosphere.