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Inertia In Action

"Don't you just hate rhetorical questions? Don't you just hate repetitive redundancy? I know I do. That's why it pained me to pose these two questions, and yet they are the most tantalizing, yet pragmatic and thought-provoking way to confront where we are today. -- on the doorstep to tyranny or annihilation. "

The Two and Only - Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard (Ep. 20)

  "It's sad to see how few politicians stood up against that tidal wave [after 9/11]. You had Ron Paul... you had Russ Feingold who was the only senator to vote against the Patriot Act. There wasn't much support for that. The Justice Department put up a website and it had a list of really bad articles... and I was happy to be included." -- Author Jim Bovard (special guest) 

Take the Poll! Now For Something Completely Different

  "As November inches ever closer, and as a way to introduce you to another poll I came across that exemplifies the impact of the Mainstream Media, educating Mr. and Mrs. John "A" for average citizen. They're the first cousins to the Sixpack family, you'll remember we featured in a recent Pod."

“Attack Against Democracy”! – How Cool Is That?

"Leaving aside for a moment the fine art of Projection, perfected and practiced by liberals everywhere, what is this “Democracy” they speak of and want so desperately to protect? In its simplicity, the question is almost embarrassing to ask, but nevertheless, Is America a democracy? If so, when did that happen? Who was in charge of the change? Why didn’t we get the memo?"

The Sixpacks Reply!

"Do you understand: all of this was caused by government and its deadly combination of individuals pursuing selfish ends to control American citizens? That their actions were mirrored in countries around the world – all with similar results – only compounds the felony indictment against those responsible."

An Open Letter to the Sixpacks

"Here are the important parts: First, those “news reports”? They’re lies. The Media lies. It lies by omission and commission. Mis-truths, half-truths and outright lies. When they don’t report something, the truth becomes a ‘conspiracy theory’ simply because they didn’t report it that way."