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"Do you understand: all of this was caused by government and its deadly combination of individuals pursuing selfish ends to control American citizens? That their actions were mirrored in countries around the world – all with similar results – only compounds the felony indictment against those responsible."

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Dear RWB Neighbor:

We are responding to the recent ‘open letter’ you shared with Neighbor Wilson who, in turn, shared it with the rest of the world on his pod cast and in the Blue State Conservative.

While your concerns are understood, it appears they are also misguided and uninformed.

Here are some examples:

First, about that “Red Wave” you mentioned several times – the one that “will sweep every liberal out of every office at every level of government: local, state and federal.” We believe your optimism is delusional on many levels. Even if your dreams come true, it is far from reasonable to conclude all your problems with government will be resolved. “Government” is an entrenched machine of chaos and evil. Always has been; always will be. Nothing of any lasting worth has never come from “government”, only in spite of it. “Government” is the embodiment of force which is the antithesis of freedom. The Sixpacks are lovers of freedom.

The sad notion that a ‘red wave’ of conservatives being swept into office like some political tsunami via voting flies in the face of history. Americans have been voting for candidates from one party or another for almost 250 years. Where has it gotten us – as a country, citizens or individual? Please don’t cite creature comforts like air conditioning, Disney World, college football or Cheesy Poofs. None of these and the millions of other things and activities we enjoy were not the product of partisan or even bi-partisan politics. Virtually everything we enjoy in America has been produced by wonderfully creative and brilliant people in what we laughingly refer to as the “private sector’; ‘laughingly’ because government regulatory interference and personal intrusion has hampered individual efforts to improve the human condition to the point of outright prohibition, even to the point of destruction. Many times, as recently as the so-called Covid pandemic, it has been the result of government manipulation of scientific facts, methods and information. This, coupled with the eager participation of corporate entities looking to enrich themselves while assisting government to expand its lethal control through illegal and immoral mandates and so-called executive orders. All this is accomplished through its monopoly on the initiation of force, ruining businesses, livelihoods and lives of innocent people.

These are the results of a government run by ‘elected representatives’. Even if they weren’t the ones the RWB Blooded family voted for, you, we, all of us were subjected to the same unconstitutional actions. Despite all the revelations, admissions and contrary evidence that has appeared in the last few months, no one in any official capacity has been held accountable for demanding absolute compliance with their false information and illegal, even deadly edicts. We presume you didn’t have any elderly relatives who died in nursing homes in New York, or any family who lost their business, benefits, retirement plans, or children who are still suffering and will suffer for years to come, thanks to mandatory masks, segregation and school closing – all at the hands of power-hungry politicians and self-centered unions.

Do you understand: all of this was caused by government and its deadly combination of individuals pursuing selfish ends to control American citizens? That their actions were mirrored in countries around the world – all with similar results – only compounds the felony indictment against those responsible.

And you want us to vote? Get involved? Volunteer? Become poll watchers? Have the results of nearly 250 years of voting not taught you anything? OK – the current dog catcher is a nice guy. One of the school board members answers your call. How does this compare to the billions of our dollars and thousands of dead bodies they’re buying in Ukraine? Can you find Ukraine on a map? Does the Ukraine border with Russia mean more to you than what used to be the American border with Mexico? Do you know which of our ‘vital national interests” are threatened in Ukraine? Is Ukraine more important to your family than your job? Inflation? Illegal immigration? Crime?

You may be familiar with the aphorism “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” The Sixpacks believe – legal or not – “they” don’t care, other than the perpetual attempt to snooker you and your neighbors into thinking voting for one psychopath over the other will actually make a difference. Possibly in velocity, but not direction. Politicians, political parties and those who participate in the grand voting ritual have not permanently advanced freedom or liberty in 2 and half centuries. The political rodents eating away at our natural and inalienable rights have had every opportunity to protect and insure those rights; to shrink government by eliminating the very agencies that suffocate the producers of everything good in America, all for the sake of government control. Even the sacrifice of a few hundred thousand innocent men, women and children aren’t too much. They’re just American collateral damage. You may be familiar with another famous adage: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”—Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union government and overseer of the deaths of several million of his people.

And you want us to vote for these vermin?

The Sixpacks have no doubts about the current White House occupant; he lies more than he breathes. He is a demonstrably sick, twisted, individual capable through the immense powers of his office to initiate all manner of destructive – even deadly –chaos throughout the country. His so-called ‘foreign policy’ has been wreaking death on innocents and the destruction of entire countries since taking office. But any objective analysis of the previous administration and the one before that and the one before that ad nauseam – has done virtually the same things. To what end? Exporting democracy? ‘Regime change’? How did that work out after 20 years in Afghanistan and a few other sovereign nations?

And you want us to volunteer, become poll watchers to help maintain ‘voter integrity’? Do you really believe that would change anything? Do you believe, after a ‘red wave’, government would become brave, clean and reverent like a bunch of Boy Scouts? Or just that if your people get elected, then they can start wielding the same immoral force to impose the programs and regulations you like? What current or historical evidence can you share that insures that? Or even raises the odds in favor of the permanent restoration of any measure of the freedom, liberty and rights already lost to government? All the current hand wringing about the ‘threats to our democracy’ are lunacy. Democracy is a threat to freedom.

You may be asking – well, what is the alternative?

That’s a great question and subject to what the Sixpacks hope will be a fruitful discussion at your earliest convenience. Spread the word. Invite some friends.

Your neighbors

The Sixpacks


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