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What if the sky IS falling...?

Peter:  What really is compelling about the story and what people should really take to heart is the attitude that pervades is that, well, it’s not going to happen here. It can’t happen here. People don’t want to think about that worst-case scenario.  They want to assume that things are going to be okay, and if somebody is warning about this potential doomsday, that is the person whom they ridicule, who they say, oh, you’re crazy, that’s never going to happen, and, it happens in places like Zimbabwe.  But expand on it, because it’s happening in America.

"Consent"? Of the "governed"?

Look at it this way... There are 2 basic ways in which people can interact: by mutual agreement or by one person using threats or violence to force his will upon another. The first can be labeled “consent” – both sides willingly and voluntarily agreeing to what is to be done. The second can be labeled “governing” – one person controlling another. Since these two – consent and governing – are opposites, the concept of “consent of the governed” is a contradiction. If there is mutual consent, it is not “government”; if there is governing, there is no consent.

(Still) Stuck on Stupid

Note: This is a  LRC piece  that ran in June 2012. Thanks to some FB correspondence with fellow (and more prolific) contributor Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers, it might not suffer from review... Gazing at the heady world of International Finance, damn near every country is spending more than it takes in. Those countries whose national debt does not exceed their annual GDP are well down the road of reversing that. The BDMs (Big Decision Makers) believe insolvent nations can be bailed out by printing money.

Another Facebook encounter

The latest in an occasional series of Facebook post encounters.... In an on-line discussion, I suggested "Greed" was merely an emotive attack word used to compromise pro-capitalism/free market arguments; that it is impossible to define without imposing subjective opinion, resulting in the following exchange...

The Individual Is Rising

An excerpt:  History has shown, repeatedly, that the human spirit cannot be conquered.  You may be able to suppress the human spirit for one hundred years or so, but never forever.  The human spirit will always rise. History has also shown that the collectivist tyrants will do everything in their power to suppress the human spirit and maintain power, and the present day situation is no different.  There are now cameras on every stop light and federal taps on every cell phone for this reason. 

The Most Important Lesson - Ever

A learned friend tipped me off to this video, The Accelerated Crash Course.   Simply put, it is the most important, compelling, instructive, possibly even life-saving video you may ever see. Regardless of your level of education, you will come to learn and understand the perilously fragile status of our economy, society, our world and our future wherever you live, whoever you are, whatever your standing in life. Ben Franklin said "Lost time is never found again". As you will see, there isn't much of it  left.  Do yourself and your family the most responsible thing you will do today:   click here...