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Their Plan - and Yours

"You can ignore the laws of economics, but they will not ignore you. Those laws, principles and forces have already been ignored; the consequences are what we are now facing. No puny mid-term election will change or stop the effects from imposing their destructive ways on your life, our society and the rest of the world."

Paul Kersey, Where Are You?

"What if there was a real Paul Kersey riding the New York subways right now? What if a Paul Kersey was cruising the South Side of Chicago or Buckhead outside Atlanta or Baltimore’s Inner Harbor?"

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Polling - But Were Afraid To Ask! - Guest Fritz Wenzel

"They'll [some pollsters] include more Democrats and fewer Republicans in their sample so no surprise the Democrats look better in the survey. The other factor that they'll do is they'll include a sample of all adults, or maybe registered voters -- they won't include a sample of likely voters."

A Look at What's Coming - Guest Don Williams

"I think the Declaration of Independence is the most perfect expression of the human aspiration in a corporeal sense... I think the Constitution is a waste of time and paper." -- Don Williams

Abortion? No Question

"The recent Supreme court decision finally discovered the Constitution's silence on the subject. It didn't find the long elusive "right" cleverly hidden, like Sasquatch, somewhere in the 14th Amendment where only Henry Blackmun and some other Supreme Robes could see it. Anyone able to read even badly will not and cannot find the A word, suggestion or direction anywhere in the Constitution."