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Media Handbook: Public Apology Words and Phrases Required for Sexual Harassers:

Please forward to appropriate parties: “I”…”sorry”… “so sorry”…”truly sorry”…”cherished friends”…”me”…”surrounded by loved ones”…. “getting help”…”I”…”me”…”repair the damage”…”restore the trust”…”disappointed in me”…”hard look at myself” … ”ashamed” … embarrassed” … “need to listen to women”…”any number is too many”…”warm person”…”committed to regaining your trust”…”don’t recall”…”mischaracterized”…”I”… “me”...”not resigning” (politicians only).

Early Holiday Spirits!

Sent over from my other day job at Libertas Media Project , here is a Special Pre-Holiday "Judging Freedom" episode featuring renowned winemaker, Richard Arrowood of Amapola Creek Vineyards and Founder and former namesake for Arrowood Wines, Sonoma Valley. I've known Richard since my days on KSFO/San Franciso. He's a great guy along with being one of the wine world's foremost authorities. Richard gives us a local's perspective on the disastrous Napa/Sonoma fires, then shifts to some Q&A about wine pairings with holiday foods, and other fun stuff. It's a great 20-minute yap-fest with a super-star of wine!

Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the swamp

As one alternate juror put it, "I felt like a little kid that finds out there is no Santa Claus." This was the remark of one citizen who observed testimony and other evidence arising from the 1992 Ruby Ridge incident, in which an innocent woman and her 14-year-old son were ambushed and gunned down by federal agents over what was, at worst, a minor infraction that could easily have been remedied without violence.