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Dumming Dumber

Reading the Comments Sections is often more enlightening than whatever intel the article may contain. While the rhetoric rapidly degenerates into redundant screeds employing the same old same old cute cliches, one still gets the sense (or lack thereof) of one's fellow citizens - and their most tenuous grasp on reason, logic, reflection and reality.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Now that everyone is sufficiently distracted by the new House Select Committee on Benghazi, featuring Trey Gowdy...300 kidnapped girls in Africa, featuring Michelle O's #"I'm Concerned And Pissed" Face...and the drama of the NFL draft...comes this little item, buried in the daily Drudge avalanche of relevant (and not) stories.... FBI Investigating Bundy Supporters  


This is the 2nd in what is turning into a "series" on libertarians and libertarianism and Libertarians and Libertarianism.,, If you're late to the party, read this first...then this ...then this  and you'll be prepared for the "But"...                                                                       But.... Many thanks to Lawrence Vance for his comprehensive yet succinct definition of “libertarian”. I couldn’t agree any more – but I can agree a little less.