What Fellow Citizens Are Saying

Here is a selection of posts randomly collected from the Comments Section of web sites focused on Current Events. The subject was “Illegal Immigration”. Unless state governments and the public step in, the crisis will only expand. Looks like Sedition 101 from my vantage point. Treason! Time to roll through employers hiring illegals and bankrupt them. Shut the government down, cut off its funding, and do not open it until this border is locked down tight and all the tresspassers are deported. A deliberate destruction of the USA Bring back public hangings. State police should arrest anyone cutting the fences. It's destruction of state's property. National Guard should open fire on this invading force, especially the armed guards. THE ENEMY IS DOMESTIC! TIME TO ACT! The people posting these comments puzzle me. They need a remote to change TV channels, but shout they're ready for "Revolution!" They want Biden & Co. arrested and imprisoned, but don't

My Irregular Unsolicited Prediction

Finally! My crystal ball is back from the shop (parts delay, etc.) - serendipitously arriving just in time for this efflugent prediction for the second GOP presidential debate (9/27 FOX Business, Univision, Rumble). In harmony with my posted promise to keep things “mercifully short', here goes... Required background: No doubt you've heard Wednesday’s show (accurate term) will be 'moderated' by FOX folks Dano Perino and Stuart Varney, joined by Univision's llia Calderon. Interestingly, the first debate was dubitably overseen by those two consistantly caliginous moderators, Baier and MacCallum. While Calderon's presence is not without precedent, the exclusion of FOX star Maria Bartiromo did raise an eyebrow. As of this scribbling, six Republican wanna-be's (minus DJT) made it through the RNC labyrith of qualifications for their stage G-spot. An additional one for NJ's perpetual Sore Loser, Chris Christe, would have been appropriate considering stage size a

The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

Before we get to the UCT, what is a Conspiracy Theorist”? A definition I came across had this: The term used to discredit someone who speaks about things you can’t bare to look at. Because if they were true, they would reveal a darkness in the world that you’re simply not ready to accept. I’ll be playing that ‘someone’ for the rest of the piece. As a Talk Show Host, you hear a lot of remarkable ‘theories”; it’s part of the job. What’s compelling is when ‘theories’ like UFO’s, JFK assassination, Vince Foster murder, 9/11, fires in Maui are revealed as fact. With every Joe Biden mumble, stumble, faux pas, handshake with invisible dignitaries and outright lies, more and mores people are questioning how someone with obviously failing faculties can run America? Can someone who refers to the Declaration of Independence as “you know…the…the thing!” actually be overseeing complex issues effecting every aspect of the country? At a press conference, when Biden blurts out,

From Good to Gruesome

Some Good News! Many of our fellow citizens are starting to wake up and speak up! Hoo-Wah! (that’s Latin for “it’s about time”) ICYMI, there was a little episode in New Mexico last week . The Gov thought she was in charge of the Bill of Rights - specifically the 2nd – because ‘none of our rights are absolute’ and, therefore, subject to suspension whenever deemed appropriate by Governors with a Tyrant Complex, e.g. Michelle Lujan Grisham. With an Executive Order, she suspended “open and concealed carry privileges in Bernalillo County for the next 30 days”. Why? She wants New Mexicans to enjoy their (non-existent) ‘right’ to be safe. So suspending an inalienable Right in favor of a Nice Idea that suits her politics and megalomania is AOK; the law be damned. Predictably and admirably, gun owners in the immediate area didn’t take too kindly to this arbitrary dictatorial trespass and demonstrated accordingly. Good on them. Visible displays of support for the 2A are few and very far between

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The Best Conspiracy Theory

Before we get to the BCT...what is a Conspiracy Theorist”? A definition I came across had this:

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 The Two and Only -- Brian Wilson and James Bovard 09-13-23

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  When will 'enough is enough' be enough?

Short, Sweet and Sour

  This piece will Short – which is Sweet – but you may find the message Sour. The War on Drugs is an unquestionable failure. Not unlike the America’s other never-ending wars. Also horribly expensive, wasteful, and tragic. Only Government itself has benefited by expanding its power, unconstitutionally overreaching into private lives and other countries. If Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness has any value to Americans anymore, ending this immoral, illegal, “War” is the only solution to the continuing suffering, damage and death that it produces. An increasing number of States legalizing marijuana is a good start. Not only has it eliminated freedom robing arrests for the petty crime of possessing or smoking a common weed, it has proven the world hasn’t come to an end as a result, part of the fear porn pushed by government’s early propaganda. Leaving the compelling arguments of the 9th and 10th Amendments aside, the logic of Free Will, Free Choice and Individual Responsibility shou

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