Ureka! How the Deep State governs

 Admit it. America’s tachometer has red-lined. Anger, hatred, and frustration have reached that point where the engine of society is about to blow.


Pick your poison: The double standard of Lawfare, the gaping Southern border, violent immigrant crime, inflation, subsidizing endless wars and foreign countries, campus riots, urban decay, failed public education, biased media – there’s more than one thing for everyone.

Thanks to the exponential over-reach of the federal government, every issue can be nailed to the front door of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Robes. The corrupt and biased media is in a classlessness all its own.

What has happened to the rule of laws that held the guilty responsible and punished accordingly? While citizens have become aware of the quick fade of veracity in campaign promises, the highest levels of elected officials now lie on TV with impunity; assurances to the public to maintain a principled stand are contradicted live on C-Span. Legislation demanded and expected by constituents is ignored. Innocents become criminals as criminals walk free. Demands for cogent explanations are stuffed into an incomprehensible word salad.

Idealism aside, when basic expectations are summarily ignored and unrelenting corruption takes center stage, even the most disengaged citizen will notice – and wonder why.

Maybe the answer has finally appeared.

Imagine the worst accusation you could have falsely leveled against you. Drunk. Adulterer. Thief. Imagine the effect it would have on your job, family, and neighbors. Some might say Society has become more tolerant of such things. Drunks can join AA. Affairs are winked at. Stealing is even ignored in some places.

But you can’t say that about child pornography. A polite society can barely tolerate a conversation on the subject. But the Government is not a “polite society”. It is a collection of narcissists, psychopaths, and megalomaniacs whose sole interest is getting and keeping power at any cost.

Now imagine you are a Congressman or Senator. You were elected to represent your constituents and defend the Constitution. Along comes the FISA reauthorization piece. You get some TV time and let the folks back home you’re gonna stand for the 4th Amendment and vote against it unless appropriate language requiring a warrant is inserted.

The next day, a trusted friend tells you he saw you on TV and you better shut up and back off. Anticipating your incredulity, he reminds you of  Chuck Schumer’s comment to Rachel Maddow back in 2017; how the intelligence agencies have “6 ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” You say “This has nothing to do with the intelligence agencies.” Your friend says you’re really missing the point here and strongly suggests you take a look at this Politico piece. And then this one. And this one gives you a little inside background. Recently, there was a 3 hour Joe Rogan show with Tucker Carlson where Carlson said the quiet thing out loud:



“People don’t say that because they’re worried about being punished. They’re worried about someone putting kiddie porn on their computer. Members of Congress are terrified of the intel agencies. I’m not guessing at that. They’ve told me that, including people on the [intelligence] committee, including people who run the intel committee. They’re afraid of the agencies.

That’s not compatible with democracy.”

Apart from the threat of surreptitiously planted child porn, Carlson claimed that it’s “very common” for lawmakers to have “a drinking problem or a weird sex life,” which agencies could easily expose if these politicians refuse to do their bidding.

What you would do in this hypothetical situation is irrelevant. What is relevant is the realization that the country, politicians, and policies are being run by a Deep State blackmailing Congressmen and Senators with career and even life-destroying kiddie porn surreptitiously installed on their computers. Remember, the New York Times recently told readers the Deep State is kinda neat but electing Donald Trump could ruin all that wonderful, patriotic, “Love America!” stuff!

Despite all these well-attributed articles with respected individuals from credible sources, there remains the cognitive dissonance plaguing anyone just getting to the point of objectively considering matters that contradict his/her customary thought-evaluation process. Navigating that minefield is our individual responsibility – if we choose to exercise it.

Just as we can’t un-ring a bell or un-see something we wish we hadn’t, our involuntary internal radar goes off when something we’re wrestling with – like the credibility of a political analysis above – this pearl popped out of the TV last night (4/22) on “Gutfeld”. One of the 4 guests included Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, one of the most knowledgeable and articulate people in the business. The group is discussing the Republicans’ failure to keep 4th Amendment protection against wireless searches in the FISA renewal package; how they always promise great things, then cave for no good reason. Hemingway says:

                              “And this is when they say ‘Well, I used to care about the Constitution. I used to care about the 4th Amendment – but then I got a classified briefing and I changed my mind.’ That’s so insulting to hear. Are we to assume that our intelligence services are just showing them pictures of themselves doing bad things?”

Did she hear Tucker Carlson’s comments? Does she know the same things? Was that a lucky guess? Clicking the links above, you’ll read about intelligence personnel and some reporters who went off the Information Reservation and, to the man, had kiddie porn discovered on their computers. Each one is paying the price; losing their job was the down payment.

Why should you care? Quoting the ACLU piece linked above:

“Nowhere in the constitution that our vigilant Founders drafted is there room for security agencies to wield political power. The accumulated disregard for the dangers of enormous security agencies, and for the need for checks and balances commensurate with the growing informational power that these agencies are compiling, may yet prove tragic.”

And that’s from the ACLU!

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