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NFSCD -- The Two and Only -- Brian Wilson and James Bovard S2 Ep. 43

  Never Let A Good Crisis...etc.  Talk show legend Brian Wilson and the Swamp's "Least Wanted", James Bovard, together again for the first time marking the FBI's Open Season on Extreme MAGA Red Hats and the domestic terrorists who wear them! Plus Jim Bovard's Big Reveal: A Blessed Event! Jim Bovard is a contributor for USA Today and The New York Post and the author of  10 books . Find out more on his website and follow him onTwitter/X  @JimBovard .  Brian Wilson  is a nationally-known radio and television host, author, speaker, and consultant with more than 50 years experience in media as host, News/Program Director, and Owner. His periodic scribblings can be found on  Substack  and his  website . On Facebook, check out  Brian's page  along with his  50 Stories: 50 Years in Radio  page and of course, the  Now For Something Completely Different  Facebook page. Brian's books can be found on  Amazon .

The 'BOO' This Time

A tad early for Halloween but perfectly punctual for predictable government skullduggery, Washington's perennial poster boy for obfuscated transparency and perpetual winner of the coveted “Equality in Enforcement” bronze cow patty, the smirking countenance of FBI Director Christopher Wray popped out of his bunker, flaunting the Government's dependable strategy for population manipulation: Fear.

If it walks like Hitler

 One of the Talking Heads actually made a good point recently: “If you saw Hitler, knowing the sheer evil he caused, wouldn't killing him be justified?” Brushing past the tedious tendency of some to parse hypotheticals, the obvious point is Hitler was evil and needed to be killed or executed; obviously, millions of soldiers and dollars were spent trying to accomplish that. So in today's political parlance, calling anyone a Racist is still an efficient way to silence anyone speaking in opposition to whatever point you were making; it's worked for a long time. But typical of the Loony Left, they overdid it. Eventually, everyone has become a Racist because the Woke folk have smeared everyone with that brush. There was nothing left to debate without triggering some snowflake in the audience; “Racist!” was the ultimate put-down until it wasn't. A new pejorative was needed to continue the attack on Free Speech, the First Amendment and all things Constitutional What could be m

Numb or Dumb?

  Are Americans numb or dumb? The 'cognizant dissonance' explanation is rapidly becoming irrelevant; no one can explain it simply enough to be effectively understood by 'normal' Americans, dumbed-down products of a misnamed 'public education' system. Tragically, there are too many citizens too dumb to comprehend the depths of government's terrors past and present much less what it has in store for the future. Many of those who've made every effort to keep up – despite government's propensity for prevarication and the damp shroud covering real news by the MSM – have entered the early throes of sensory overload. The steady avalanche of bad news and increasing pressures of everyday life via inflation, job security, and burdens of insidious government regulatory mandates are creating a rapidly growing infection of contagious apathy rather than the virulent outrage it so richly deserves.  And needs. In the not-too-distant past, local, state and federal go

NFSCD -- The Two and Only -- Brian Wilson and James Bovard S2 Ep 42

  McCarthy out! House turmoil! Government collapse imminent! Fire alarm as door opener!  Big Brother is watching you more than you know! Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard, The Two and Only at your service.