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Monty's Excellent Explanation

Friend Monty Pelerin writes: "There are no economic problems. There are only political problems. Economics is self-equilibrating, if not meddled with. Every political intervention is an attempt to thwart individual intentions and

Robert Eschauzier - The Freedom Academy

If you haven't heard Robert Eschauzier, here's your chance.   See also "Cause and Defect" here

Liberty Short

Still having a problem understanding that "Liberty" thingy? Check this out...

Cause and Defect

Recently, I became acquainted with Robert Eschauzier, of The Online Freedom Academy Discussion Group and author of the thought-provoking essay below. Yesterday, I enjoyed a brief but enlightening conversation during which he agreed to extend our chat later this month for the Libertas Media Project which will be available here. While it may be obvious to some,

The Final FINAL Word on the DEV

On April 6th, I posted " A Final (?) Word on the Doctrine of Ethical Virtue ", a reference to Robert Eschauzier' s " Anarchism and Aristotle’s “Doctrine of Ethical Virtue ”. Philosophically and strategically, I thought it was a slam dunk of the musings-passing-for-deep-thought from one Nelson Hultberg. I was wrong. I was correct - except from Mr. Hultberg's perspective. He subsequently engaged in a spontaneously combusted on-line debate with Mr. Eschauzier. If you enjoyed the first, you will enjoy the last: Robert Eschausier's mis-matched tangle with Mr. Hultberg.

Thought for the Year

When they lose the moral/philosophical argument (against 'government', 'authority' and the State), statists love to fall back on "What's the alternative?" Then they expect Anarchists to describe how every aspect of everyone's lives, until the end of time, will all work perfectly without

A Final (?) Word on the Doctrine of Ethical Virtue

Robert Eschauzier posts responses to Nelson Hultburg's piece in the Daily Bell...   Read it here...

Simply Put

The distinction between natural rights and positive rights illustrates how many people view government’s role today. For example, take a person buying an automobile and a person seeking health care or buying health insurance. If government is empowered