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Some New Year's Revelations

Happy New Year Not that I’m expecting better. Out with the Old Bad, in with the New Bad. On January 1, the evil that has descended on the land will remain entrenched. The snitch of federalism will continue to foul the air of a once proud nation. The shackles of our children and grandchildren will continue to grow heavier. The TV News promised as much truth as the TV commercials. But wait, there’s more…

Maybe I’m Amazed…

(with no apologies to Paul McCartney) Actually, no “maybe” about it; I am most certainly amazed at the fact that otherwise ordinary-to- intelligent people continue to be amazed that ObamaCare ain’t even close to what it was crack-piped up to be: the salvation of American Health Care. Except for the suffocating, cost-escalating red tape regulations foisted upon every family doctor from Welby to Johns Hopkkins , American hospitals were the First Choice Among Death-Dealing Dictators who came here under cover to receive the bodacious benefits American health care had to offer.

Maybe It Will Be Like This

From: A Friend To: A Friend Analysis and extended reasoning.... The McAuliffe Campaign made a calculated strategy that proved to be inspired and profound, which if followed skillfully without an equally skillful response from Republicans will, I think, result in the elimination of the GOP as a national force within the next election cycle.    That strategy was based on the apparent truth that young women think with and about their reproductive organs as much as do young men (as near as I could tell the only issue was abortion), and these young women want the intrusive welfare state to be their new baby-daddies.    Cuccinelli erred in thinking civil virtue was still prevalent among the Virginia voters, and that it would carry the day on his behalf.    He was wrong.

The Tipping Point

                                                Someone famous once said “Enough is enough and too much is plenty.” Too bad the person didn’t copyright it; Google shows it has been referenced out the wahzoo forever in most any context that implies a pending demolition of tolerance with shock waves of substantial force and destruction. Studiously following current events – from the “mainstream media” to the Alternative Media, talk radio, blogosphere, ‘water-cooler talk’, it is not an overstatement to say: America is rapidly approaching its “tipping point."

Clint Eastwood/Barack Obama interview


More Info, Less Viagra

Adam Geller’s obliquely written, poorly edited, AP distributed piece “A year after Newtown…” arrived  12/7 in well choreographed proximity to the 12/14 anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting rampage and slaughter of 20 children, 6 adults and 1 malignant human being. While strenuously bending verbally to appear “balanced”, starting with an account of a long forgotten and poorly remembered Kansas City “play” as well as  anecdotal stories of community “debates” about gun control from here and there, the understated conclusion is an endorsement for more gun control.

Solving Stupid

Stupid or Evil? Dumbo or Einstein? The Obama debate rages on. A simple question - hiding in plain sight- settles argument and those rooting for Stupid Dumbo lose. Retrospectively, Stupid Dumbo stories, columns, commentaries vastly outnumber Evil Einstein by avalanche proportions. Why? Largely because writers, commentators even my tell-it-like-it-is All Knowing fellow talk show hosts are reluctant to directly assign evil by name to the Most Powerful Man in the World, despite the fact he is a public servant, “works for us”, no Super Powers ad yadda. It’s easier, safer, more reflexive and rhetorical to be amazed, appalled, aghast that someone so Important, with lofty (alleged) credentials, could be so….well…Stupid. Even being too blatant with that assessment can get your column cancelled by a popular newsletter publisher with a higher opinion of O-Dumbo than I (and most others) and refused to publish an earlier article. No matter. It just proves the point there remains a severe sho

"What If..." The Judge Strikes Again

What if Thanksgiving Exposes the Government? By  Andrew P. Napolitano November 28, 2013 What if another Thanksgiving Day is upon us and because of the government we have less to be thankful for than we did at the last one? What if at every Thanksgiving liberty is weakened and the government is strengthened? What if Thanksgiving’s warm and breezy seduction of gratitude is just the government’s way of inducing us to think we should be grateful for it? What if we don’t owe the government any thanks for anything? What if the government owes us back all the freedom and property it has stolen from us? What if the government has produced nothing and owns nothing, save what it has coerced us to give it? What if the courts have ruled that the government can lie and cheat with impunity in order to acquire our property or assault our freedoms?

The Kid Who Cried... “Obama!”

By the time the Clintons Beverly-Hillbilly’d their way into the Logic Free Zone, Whitewater, Web Hubble, Jennifer Flowers, Red Bone, Barry Seal were early cannon fodder for talk show hosts like me doing AM Drive on a DC station; it was hot stuff. Guests were high profile and deep into the weeds of the scandals (a good thing). Despite the Herculean efforts of reporters and editorial writers at the  Washington Times (DC’s “other” newspaper), talk show hosts such my colleagues at WWRC and authors like James Bovard (“ Feeling Your Pain ”) did our best by crying “Clinton!” to warn the public danger was at the door and wanted a seat at the dinner table. The Constitution was the entre with a side order of Rights. But most historical accounts record (verbatim) “ Clinton presided over the longest period of peacetime economic expansion in American history”, thrilling the Wall St – DC “Axis of Crony Capitalism” and tamping down any bad news.

Why not?

During my weekly chat, “ Judging Freedom ” with FOX News Senior Judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano , at the Libertas Media Project , we spent considerable time decrying the recently revealed (and elevated) state of spying as practiced by the Obama administration. We agreed the situation has deteriorated to the point among those paying attention where “surprise” and “outrage” have been replaced with “suspicions confirmed”. The Judge wrote: “ Either the president knew of this and has denied it, or he is invincibly ignorant of the forces he has unleashed on us and on himself…What are the consequences of a president spying on himself? What does this mean for the rest of us?

Stupid or Evil?

             “When searching for a reason why things go wrong, never overlook sheer stupidity.” Hanlon’s Razor (paraphrased). By now, astute readers have read through the avalanche of bovine fecal matter bloviating on nothing that is everything regarding the Obamacare Roll-Out. Not undertaken by the “retail” media (MSM), is an unvarnished look at what this might really be about. You’re familiar with the old chestnut about Republicans (Stupid Party) and Democrats (Evil Party).     Well, which is it?

Anarchyville? Horror!

3 thumbs up for Anarchy! Close your eyes, open your mind and imagine the peace, serenity and security of Anarchyville. Think Galt’s Gulch without the alliteration… Yes, semantics has given Anarchy a bad name, turning it into a one word horror story. But unlike The Amityville Horror , the only “demons” in Anarchyville are its natural enemies: Aggressive Ignorance and Terminal Stupidity – with an occasional guest appearance by Human Nature. Channeling Lennon: Let’s give Anarchy a chance…

Ned Beatty!? Is That You?

A Washington Deliverance There are no toothless hillbillies of questionable lineage and you won’t hear any rousing dueling banjo riffs but when it comes to Washington Deliverance, there is plenty of Squeal Like A Pig. And guess what, dear reader…you are Ned Beatty. If Americans haven’t had their blinders knocked clean off over the last 2 weeks of “government shut-down” giving them untrammeled vision and clarity into the immoral, illegal, hypocritical cesspool we call “government”, then fluoride in the water really has caused a nationwide lobotomy – and those chemtrails didn’t help at all.

Bum Tossing

It’s official! October 11, 2013 10:00AM EDT (time approximate), this was the DRUDGE headline: THROW THE BUMS OUT!                                                                                That’s the message 60 percent of Americans are sending to Washington in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, saying if they had the chance to vote to defeat and replace every single member of Congress, including their own representative, they would. Just 35 percent say they would not. One word: Stupid. 

This Is a Test

                                                            Over the years, EBS referred to the Emergency Broadcast System test, those glorious moments in show biz when radio and TV stations would interrupt otherwise compelling programming with some off-stage announcer sonorously intoning:  “This is a test. For the next 60 seconds, this station will conduct a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test.”  It was always a thrill to have your show interrupted with one of these buzz kills; only the Chief Engineer would get a soaky. Considering the events of the last couple weeks, forever ingrained in our memories as the 2013 DC Kubuki Shut Down, I’m petitioning the FCC to change this. With the War on Terror, Dirty Bombs, drones and other technological means of instant extermination, what good would an actual Warning do, coming in the middle of a Miley Cyrus twerk fest or another soporific Limbaugh Back Slapping marathon? It’s questionable whether the Elitists would

Revenge Rape and the First Amendment

Long dead English playwright William Congreve penned the famous (paraphrased) line: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Thanks to today’s cell phone technology and wandering morals, we will see if the First Amendment’s “free speech” will withstand the latest furious onslaught from one Holly Jacobs (nee Thometz).

The Judge: On the Constitution and SCOTUS Losers

E very Thursday, as part of the Libertas Media Project  ,I am privileged to spend some thought-provoking time with Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst, former NJ Superior Court Judge and newly appointed    Distinguished Scholar in Law and Jurisprudence at the Mises Institute. The pod casts of those conversations, "Judging Freedom", can be heard/downloaded here  and  here.  With his multi-media exposure, succinct explanations and passion for Liberty, he is easily the most effective spokesman for the Freedom Movement in America today. The following is not only instructive and informative, it gives a sneak peak into a forthcoming book the Judge is writing and will be out early 2014.  Judge Napolitano on the Worst Supreme Court Decisions   Judge Andrew P. Napolitano joined the Mises Institute in August as the Institute’s Distinguished Scholar in Law and Jurisprudence. During Mises University in July, Judge Napolitano taught what David Gordon describe

What’s “Common”? Whose “sense”?

I don’t know how many news consumers snacked on this AP morsel Sunday, but serious parsing is necessary to fully appreciate the "media message" layered over the political cow pie... US: 'Common-sense test' holds Assad responsible September 08, 2013 11:23 AM EST WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House asserted Sunday that a "common-sense test" dictates the Syrian government is responsible for a chemical weapons attack that President Barack Obama says demands a U.S. military response.

Another Levin Book

Over at friend Monty Pelerin's web site, , contributing writer Tom Lester penned a review of Mark Levin's latest scribbling: "The Liberty Amendments". I have little to no respect for such "Cure-All" screeds. The premise the Constitution could be repeatedly amended according to Levin's prescription and make everything honky-dory is supremely idealistic with a soupcon of childish belief sprinkled over it. As I posted in response to Lester's review: A few comments…

How many are you?

You Know You Are a Conspiracy Theorist If… You are capable of critical thinking. You distrust mainstream media. You like nature. You think it’s a good idea to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving with your family rather than camping outside Best Buy to get a cheap plasma television made in China.

Lousy Question; Excellent Answer

Over the past few months, I asked several well-known economists a poorly worded question: Was there such a phenom as the “physics of economics”? Put a better way: are the economic forces now in play on a national and international scale, irreversible? Or is the Financial Cliff our unavoidable destination? Monty Pelerin and I discussed the “better” question in our recent  Libertas Media Project pod cast . Now he has written  this superb piece, "It's The Government, Stupid" simply and succinctly laying out the answers to my flummoxed  interrogatory,  painting  a clear, concise picture of our future.




Rich Iott post this on FaceBook but FB has a short shelf life. If you're not Friends with Rich or you were occupied otherwise, you would have missed this excellent piece. I'm posting it here since my low profile blog site has a permanance FB doesn't.   R ead. If you agree, pass it along. If not, tell me why. BW BUCHANAN TO OBAMA By Patrick J. Buchanan Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation.. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.... This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these: First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.. Jeremia

Hide 'n Seek (and find!)

"When the American people find out how their government has interpreted the Patriot Act, they are going to be stunned and they are going to be angry.” If you're not angry..."haven't done anything wrong"..."got nothing to hide" this.

Vigilante Journalism

Some day political  archaeologists  will dig through the ruins of America searching for events that led up to America’s Great Tipping Point: how the Rule of Law was replaced by the Rule of Feel. Hopefully, they’ll start by poking around whatever remains of so-called “journalism schools” as well as the several headquarters of the Main Stream Media, unindicted co-conspirators of Factual Obfuscation and Public Perjury which together constructed the popular narrative that conditioned the populace to accept adrenalin over reason: “I Feel” vs. “I Think”. The much-anticipated, pre-arranged, Government-sponsored, taxpayer funded hyperventilation of sloganeering crowds reacting badly to the unquestionably accurate verdict in the media-hyped Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman show trial didn’t fail to disappoint those glued to the tube for the Evening Nooze. The One-Eyed God delivered with perfection a super-sized portion of mis - and disinformation and outright lies smothered in vitriol w

The Forgotten Founding Document

Over the decades I have known him, Robert Greenslade has done some of the best instructional  reserch on Constitutional issues available on the Internet. Here is his latest - and timely - piece...BW Every July 4th, America celebrates the signing of the document commonly known as the Declaration of Independence. However, there is another document, adopted a year earlier that, in my opinion, helped lay the foundation for the Declaration of Independence. This document, which contains some of the most moving words ever spoken by Founders, needs to be read and celebrated by every American who still values liberty. On July 6th, 1775, the Continental Congress adopted: A Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North-America, Now Met in Congress at Philadelphia, Setting Forth the Causes and Necessity of Their Taking Up Arms . The following was written by Thomas Jefferson: “We are reduced to the alternative of chusing [sic] an unconditional submi

At What Point Will America Get Fed-Up With Obama’s Constant Lying?

Here's some help  in answering the question...

72 Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Boston

(BOSTON) National guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed on April 19th by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw. Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement. Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices. The governor, who described the group's organizers as "criminals," issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government's efforts to secure law and order. The military raid on the extremist arsenal followed wide-spread refusal by the local citizenry to turn over recently outlawed assa

Constitution or Constipation?

CATO's Doug Bandow was a real sharp dude when we first met Back In The Day. He, Stephen Moore and several others were the young hard chargers at Ed Crane's growing think tank of upstart libertarian brainiacs making an impact on The Way We Always Do It on Capitol Hill. Here, Doug nails one of the giant tasks before us if the Republic is to have a chance... American Jurisprudence as Sausage-Making: Who Interprets the Constitution? Posted: 21 Jun 2013 02:51 PM PDT Doug Bandow The Supreme Court is finishing up its latest term, saving its most controversial decisions for last. Americans venerate the Constitution, but judges determine its meaning. Unfortunately, the result of the judicial process vindicates German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who famously said that no one should see his sausages or his laws being made. As I point out in my latest Forbes online column , much of the Constitution is treated like an antique wall decoration: although the federal gov

Hello, TSA?

Some choice excerpts from the latest  Jim Bovard  article on the TSA... The Transportation Security Administration treats American travelers like cattle being chuted to a civil liberties slaughterhouse.... The TSA has rarely missed an opportunity to abuse Americans who refuse to kowtow... The TSA is like a nitwit magician who perennially pulls boondoggles out of a hat .... The TSA is renowned as “security theater” - an organization whose byzantine rituals provide only an illusion of safety.... After the TSA has harassed and humiliated millions of Americans, now is the time to throw the penalty flag back at the agency.. . Rather than making Americans safe from terrorists, the TSA made them prey to federal agents.  After reading the entire piece, follow the E Z Instructions to call the TSA Polling Center and share your thoughts, feelings and/or experiences at the hands of this most lawless and intrusive Government waste of carbon and space. And join Jim and me as we dis and cuss th

WOW! Those spiffy Gun Control EOs sure are pricey!

"The implementation of these orders is expected to cost taxpayers $4.5 billon ." Here's the  rest of the story.  (My favorite is #4! How damn effective can ya get??)

Your Daily Insight

"...amid what is apparently called a 'recovery' remains a depressingly real sign of the times. The political allure of free is so strong that an alarming number of people choose to become wards of the entitlement/welfare state rather than captain their own destiny... threatening the supposed self-reliance that has long characterized the American national psyche ." Read it all  here.

What's another word for OMG?

 "Put another way, how can anyone contest the value and justifiability of the stories that we were able to publish as a result of Edward Snowden's whistleblowing: stories that informed the American public – including even the US Congress – about these incredibly consequential programs? What kind of person would think that it would be preferable to remain in the dark – totally ignorant – about them?" Glenn Greenwald  with more on the NSA. Hint: yoiu won't like it.

Do we have a "rouge" government?

Discussing the NSA vs 4th Amendment, Judge Andrew Napolitano called NSA whistleblower Eric Snowden a patriot for choosing to obey a higher law. What does that make Obama, Clapper, Boehner and other "elected officials" who are calling him a traitor?  Hear his answer and the entire the discussion during this week's "Judging Freedom" at  the Libertas Media Project.

Say it with me: You Have Over-Stepped Your Boundaries, Sir

"You Have Over-Stepped Your Boundaries, Sir" Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/11/2013 - 12:45 Perhaps you have noted in your life, as we have in ours, that denial is often the preface to justification . For the citizens of our country there is no justification, no national security assertion, that will dissuade us from the premise that our current government, in listening to every phone call and reading every transmission on the internet, is violating the fundamental Constitutional rights of American citizens. As Americans we should say, “You have overstepped your boundaries Sir.” Citizens should stand and state, “No one has given you the authority to spy upon me and my fellow Americans and that you are violating the Constitution in this exercise and it should cease immediately.” It should be said to a Democrat. It should be said to a Republican. We should say this to any man that has undertaken to pervert the rights that we have ascribed to ourselves in t

Trust Is Like Virginity

    Words have meaning. Syntax provides more meaning with more words. Then comes the writer’s motive, prejudice, agenda, political persuasion the context of which transmits valuable information, utilitarian instruction, and some variety of propaganda or plain old flat-out lies. Let’s see what we have here…(my comments in snappy italicized red ) Mounting controversies are all about trust LIZ SIDOTI June 10, 2013 3:23 AM EDT WASHINGTON  — As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to bring a different, better kind of leadership to the dysfunctional capital. He'd make government more efficient, accountable and transparent. He'd rise above the "small-ball" nature of doing business. And he'd work with Republicans to break Washington paralysis.  You can trust me, Obama said back in 2008. And — for a while, at least — a good piece of the country did.  But with big promises often come big failures — and the potential for big hits to the one thing that can make o

AP: "Mounting controversies are all about trust" -- BW:: And Trust is like your viginity....

 While written from a Statist and status quo perspective, this opinion piece  does manage to spotlight some important basic realities. Give it a read; I'll parse it here later.

Least Comforting Headline:

  NSA claims know-how to ensure no illegal spying Then why the hell didn't they use it? "Claims know-how...."? How about "claims will-do..."?

Another Timely Reunion!

One of my pals going back to the days of "Brian & Bob" on WWRC/DC (circa 1992-95), Stephen Moore, then of the CATO Institute, now WSJ Editorial Board and author of "Who's The Fairest Of Them All" . Stephen has been a frequent guest on my shows from DC to San Fran to Dallas to...wherever! We get back together discussing his appearance on Bill Maher's "show", Toledo as a microcosm of the plague known as Liberalism, where the IRS scandal will take us and other cheery news! Stephen's happy basketball nemesis, economist, author and professor extraordinaire, Walter E. Williams drops by for some fermented grape juice and timely conversation Friday afternoon. Judge Napolitano is out gathering Frequent Flier Miles this week. "Judging Freedom" returns next Thursday. All the action is right here at the  Libertas Media Project!

Stop. Read. Share.

Ya meet some of the nicest, smartest, best writers at . Daisy Luther has penned one of the  best I've read in moons:  Random Acts of Revolution . Don't forget to share with your friends....

Holy Guacamole Avacado Dip!!

Could this be a  credible poll??

Thought food

Memorial Day Idiocy "It is the dissenter who protects your freedom. It is the whistle blower that exposes government corruption who is worthy of respect. It is all who stand up to this massive government and the military industrial complex, fighting and exposing the state at every opportunity, who are the real patriots." Gary D. Burnett, friend and fellow fighter for Liberty

The Savages of Stockholm

The Western ideal has been reduced to a personal technocratic utopia built on efficiency and it has collided in the night with an Eastern ideal of the clan and a theocratic utopia built on total purity. That is the kind of conflict that the creed of good fences for good neighbors was meant for, but there are no fences tall enough to work it out within a single nation.  Savages of Stockholm

Hey! Are YOU are Racist, too??

See if you are on the same page with this remarkable writer  for an unremarkable newspaper.

Seen her around lately?


Words I Wish I Wrote

"The common denominator in all of this is government. It is the modern day equivalent of  typhoid Mary, infecting all that it comes in contact with duplicity, dishonesty and  corruption."   Libertas Media Project  guest Monty Pelerin, also purveyor of  Monty Pelerin's World  provides excellent analysis and insight to our world as it is: " "the terminal state of broken".

Fear? Exaggeration? Or Truth? Wanna know?

"G overnment is now so huge, powerful, and callous that citizens risk becoming virtual serfs, lacking the freedoms guaranteed by the Founders.  Is that perennial fear an exaggeration? Survey the current news." Victor Davis Hanson VDH is one of the most brilliant people I've had the pleasure of interviewing on the "old show". His latest is another solid account of where we are and where we're going.  Click here

Can I buy a bowel, Pat?