The Kid Who Cried... “Obama!”

By the time the Clintons Beverly-Hillbilly’d their way into the Logic Free Zone, Whitewater, Web Hubble, Jennifer Flowers, Red Bone, Barry Seal were early cannon fodder for talk show hosts like me doing AM Drive on a DC station; it was hot stuff. Guests were high profile and deep into the weeds of the scandals (a good thing). Despite the Herculean efforts of reporters and editorial writers at the  Washington Times (DC’s “other” newspaper), talk show hosts such my colleagues at WWRC and authors like James Bovard (“Feeling Your Pain”) did our best by crying “Clinton!” to warn the public danger was at the door and wanted a seat at the dinner table. The Constitution was the entre with a side order of Rights. But most historical accounts record (verbatim) “Clinton presided over the longest period of peacetime economic expansion in American history”, thrilling the Wall St – DC “Axis of Crony Capitalism” and tamping down any bad news.

While talk radio’s ratings grew nicely, the big players were still on the bench. At best, the WaPo, DC’s “Paper of Record”, was late to every party and the networks’ newscasts stifled yawns. Even Talk Radio’s All-Knowing “Maha Rushdie” was loath to risk a “conspiracy” label calling the death of Vince Foster what it was (murder) preferring the more salacious material: Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Monica Lewinsky, stains, cigars and little black dresses.

The Public, reliably uninformed by the MSM and already suffering the advance stages of Contagious Apathy and Aggressive Ignorance mostly stuck with the prescription drugs: Bread and Circuses. Thanks in large part to the Clinton’s “Caligula Effect”, many of us in Talk radio began focusing on Washington’s increasing likeness to Mos Eisley (“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”  Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars, 1977). 
Despite our best efforts, the other parts of the “alternative media” were still struggling through technological puberty and other growing pains. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Smart Phones were all beyond the horizon.

The Bush-Gore Horror Show, co-starring SCOTUS, The Wonder Slug, finally ushered in the G.W. Bush Era and the disastrous and tragic 9/11. Once the shock began to wear off, the MSM, Talk radio and now-budding “alternative media” took note of the Other Tragedy: the Patriot Act and the mortal wounds inflicted on the Bill of Rights. The ultimate “fear factor”, the War on Terror was introduced and used to manipulate public opinion in favor of an intrusive, oppressive government on steroids to “keep us safe”; Ben Franklin quotes were ubiquitous. While public reaction morphed from Soporific to Terrified, rather than fear for lost Liberties, the Sixpack family embraced the “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” scary tale and accepted the specter of warrantless searches, government eavesdropping and the beginning of airport physicals. Cries of “Bush!” lost Liberty, erosion of inalienable rights and government’s swing into elliptical orbit beyond Constitutional constraints, while receiving additional MSM attention, was mostly inspired by the aversion to Bush in particular and conservatism in general. The Sixpacks blew off the growing warning signs in favor of being “kept safe” by the ever-expanding DC Nanny which, ironically, was manufacturing the Fear Factor.

Now the wolf was not only at the door, he was about to come inside…

Enter Barack Hussein Obama.

The ballyhooed euphoria of the Hope ‘n Change guy completely stifled the sirens, bells and whistles set off by the inconstancies and outright contradictions of Obama’s resume. Not even a consortium of Super Heroes could tear down the walls that sealed Obama’s secrets. Worse, the fully-engaged MSM, euphoric over the vanquished Bush/McCain/conservatives, ravaged anyone who had the temerity to raise a question about absence of the most basic qualifications for the country’s highest office and the world’s most powerful position. The “alternative media” was now full-grown and fully engaged. Bloggers, “citizen journalists”, Facebook and Twitter combined in a cacophony of columns, videos, books and web sites screaming the warning to America something very, very wrong had happened.

But the popular narrative perpetuated by the MSM would not be easily contradicted. Despite the most blatant lies and thoroughly researched revelations, the propaganda branch of the administration ignored or eviscerated anyone who would question the veracity of The One. To do so would be “racist”, the ultimate trump card in the game of public discourse. All attempts to cry “Obama!” were smothered in the extreme.

From shadowy family roots, a remarkably “sealed” birth certificate, sealed passports, sealed college transcripts and ghost-written autobiographies to the current but muted scandals of “Fast and Furious”, IRS targeting, NSA metadata gathering, Benghazi deaths, only now is the public’s lethargy starting to fade. Could it be a “wolf” is at the door again?

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period.”

These two lies are this President’s petard. Even the administration’s army of obfuscating myrmidons, public relations press  , even Democrat politicians is speaking in unison with what the  “alternative media” has been screaming for years: the unassailable mountain of evidence testifying to this president’s flaccid respect for Truth. Even with these lies published, broadcast and re-broadcast daily, President Pinocchiobama cannot bring himself to admit the lie and offer an apology that isn’t intentionally weasel-worded to absolve him of any responsibility.
So we are left with that previously sophomoric question: “Since he lied about this, what else has he lied about?” The list is too long to be replicated here. One truth even this president cannot deny: Like virginity, Integrity doesn’t grow back.

The wolf is at the door. Its name is Obama. 


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