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News You Can Use

Sunday morning 29 April 12 Whether you're into "citizen journalism" or rather watch YouTube vids, here  is a superb article detailing what you or your activist, involved friends/colleagues need to know about pointing that Smart Phone at our Uniformed Public Servants.

Standing O

Got a minute? Check this out!

Helluva week

Two friends gone: Dick Clark and Brian Carter. Everybody had something to say about Dick - probably because he touched so many lives in so many venues over the years. I was one who caught American Bandstand after school when they made the move to ABC-TV/NY. Years later, I'm working for WABC Radio (MusicRadio 77 WABC) doing AM Drive. Two years into the gig, the big change to TalkRadio 77 WABC. The last hour - 9 to 10, was devoted exclusively to guest interviews. Not too hard to get Big Name Guests on the 50KW blowtorch of Talk! Among the loooong list of people who came thru those doors, Dick Clark was singularly the most pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, interesting and genuinely friendly of them all. While most of the memories are of the You Had To Be There variety, one thing illustrates the greatness and graciousness of the man: after every visit, he sent a Thank You note, personally hand-written that included some reference to something specific we talked about off the a