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Friend Jim

Author Jim Bovard and I go back a few decades. Our initial on-air conversations were about his seminal works, "Lost Rights" and "Freedom in Chains". More books and more conversations followed. Over the intervening years, Jim's work hasn't improved; he was always at the top of his game. But the reasoning has seasoned and the edge has become keener. His message has never been clearer - or more urgent. BW Will Democracy’s Myths Doom Liberty? The Supreme Court declared in 1943, “There is no mysticism in the American concept of the State or of the nature or origin of its authority." In reality, the cardinal doctrines of contemporary democracy are layer upon layer of mystical claptrap. The phrases which consecrate democracy seep into many Americans’ minds like buried hazardous waste. If Joe Biden wins the presidential election, voters will be told that our political system is redeemed: the “will of the people” is now clear, Biden will rule with “the consent o