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Two Parter - Part Two

Re: VDH's piece With all due respect to VDH, a man whom I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing on-air numerous times, in today's common parlance is just an "Old White Guy spouting the same So-Last-Century BS". That's not to say he doesn't speak from his deep well of great intelligence, experience, and perspective; obviously, he does. But only to the same choir of Old White Guys to which he belongs. Rest assured, Millennials, illegal aliens, and the government schools' Functional Illiterates don't read, listen, know or care. They are consumed with their Aggressive Ignorance, Contagious Apathy and addiction to Instant Gratification. As long as it's Free, hurts the Rich and screws the White Man, it's a good thing and they will support it. To read VDH's latest is to learn from his diagnosis: we (OWG) are outflanked, out-manned, and out-numbered. The Government-Media Complex controls the Narrative. The influx of illegal aliens, now in the multi-m

Two Parter - Part One

The email and accompanying article below came to me - and about 50 others - from a mutual friend, a well-known California wine executive. Reading his intro and the Victor Davis Hanson article that follows sets up the comparison piece in Part Two. BW As usual , VDH hits it out of the park with his take on what is going on in our great nation ! Botto m line , may God help us if the left gets even more control of our courts and legislatures….Next November will indeed be a watershed year for the future of our country! With the likes of Bernie Sanders and or Elizabeth Warren , even Joe “plugs” Biden nipping at POTUS Trumps heals; things could get really dicey if somehow any one of them manage to get the White House ! Ugh !!!!! American citizenship is eroding By Victor Davis Hanson Wayne and Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in History, Hillsdale College Courtesy of Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College Today, many condemn the idea of n