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Look, Read and Comment

Read these comments from one of the UK papers today, have to say - he seems to have a clue. Wast this a set up? A man who lived with his mother for all his life and with no experience of killing anyone/military combat has carried out the most brutal and clinically executed terrorist action in Western Europe by an individual ever. Better planning than than experienced IRA or ETA units. Despite a bomb in Oslo at the PMs offices and the knowledge the PM was scheduled to be heading to the Island no military or Police units were sent there in the aftermath, no road blocks or security measures were put in place. While the massacre was happening no military helicopters with snipers were put into the air or attempted to land on the Island. SWAT units arrive 90 mins later - by boat ? In the meantime press helicopters were given clearance to fly over taking pictures of the ongoing killings, again no attempt was made to land. The guy appears to have no friends or close

Can we all get started now??

Where the hell have I been??? Work...more work... recovering from work....and a blown mother board. Those are my excuses and I'm stickin' to 'em! But with this spiffy new computer - and a renewed dedication to save the Republic or die trying (or both!) - this Blog will now begin and be done with reasoable consistancy, hopefully with a level of content sufficent to stimulate and compel thoughtful commentary from a unique and intellectually adroit readership. Right now, I am focused on getting this new 'puter appropriately "arranged" for efficient operation. Then it's on with postings and scribblings that will be part personal catharsis and part invitation to share observations, opinions, experiences. ( Winning PowerBall numbers are appreciated and best sent to me privately. I will happily post them after they've been verfied ) Current Concerns: Preparing for "What's Next", The Show, of course and that curious blip on the edge of the