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ON COURAGE AND COWARDICE      I was at a meeting the other day, of a new group that was looking for a name. The name that was proposed, under which the individuals at the meeting had gathered in the first place, was a fine, tradition- evoking one, stemming from the early American Revolution. It stated a purpose, it sent a message, and I was very proud to be associated with it.     Almost immediately, however, a few participants began to object to the name and to the logo that went with it. It was "too edgy", someone said. It looked too "aggressive" (believe me, the posture involved is one of pure self-defense). It might offend some people. It might make them reluctant to join the organization or (gasp!) to give us money. It might keep other groups from affiliating with us. Worst (and most hysterically funny of all), it might bring us to the attention of the government.     I said a few words in support of the original idea, and


                    John Galt Day!                          Why not? In a Friday the 13 th speech to supporters in Roanoke, Va., Pres. Obama said, “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help…. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.” Headlines screamed:    “Business Owners Furious at Obama Insult” "Obama' s “You Didn’t Build That” Enrages Business                              Community”        "Slap In The Face To Hard-Working Americans”   Mostly it’s been the Conservative pundits, columnists, talk show hosts appropriately incensed, burning up bandwidth and air waves with passionate push-back. “This from a guy who has never run a business!” “This man has lived off tax-payer money his whole life!” “How many businesses has Obama run?” “This man was raised by Marxists and Communists. This proves he hates Capitalism and American Exceptionalism!”  So far, so good.  But living in our

Obama: The Affirmative Action President

There's some great writing going on out there. Don't miss this one: Obama: The Affirmative Action President

Lies We Can Believe In

Here is another Dan Greedfield musst-read piece. ...Obama's rise to power is a mirror of the national problems that got him there. All the things wrong with him are reflected, to some extent, in the men and women who voted for him. It could not be otherwise. His lawlessness is a symptom of an existing lawlessness. His contempt for values and morals, for tradition and history, for the nation itself, is a symptom of the contempt that the left has fed over the years until it has become a poison in the national bloodstream... Lies We Can Believe In

Busy Busy Busy

I know. I know. I said I'd do better. More posts. Timely. Frequent. Relevant. Despite the pavement of Best Intentions, that Work thingy keeps interrupting. Enough excuses cum explanations. On to the Stuff: Caught another repulsive segment of the Jackass Show last week. The Ultimate Ego was reading his fan mail and got chastised by a viewer (gasp! someone sullied the Holy of Hollies?!). His response was totally, factually historically wrong. When coupled with the trumpeting of being The Number One News Commentary Show On Cable For 12 Years (or something similar), one can imagine the number of misled, misinformed individuals who heard this drivel. Coming from Mr. I-Went-To-Harvard, how many went to bed thinking what they heard was correct - and therefore deluded into thinking the All-Powerful Government and Supreme Robes had done the Constitutionally correct thing? Calling  on the Greater Authority from Another Source, I sent the package to friend, author, teacher . Thomas E. Wo