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Some New Year's Revelations

Happy New Year Not that I’m expecting better. Out with the Old Bad, in with the New Bad. On January 1, the evil that has descended on the land will remain entrenched. The snitch of federalism will continue to foul the air of a once proud nation. The shackles of our children and grandchildren will continue to grow heavier. The TV News promised as much truth as the TV commercials. But wait, there’s more…

Maybe I’m Amazed…

(with no apologies to Paul McCartney) Actually, no “maybe” about it; I am most certainly amazed at the fact that otherwise ordinary-to- intelligent people continue to be amazed that ObamaCare ain’t even close to what it was crack-piped up to be: the salvation of American Health Care. Except for the suffocating, cost-escalating red tape regulations foisted upon every family doctor from Welby to Johns Hopkkins , American hospitals were the First Choice Among Death-Dealing Dictators who came here under cover to receive the bodacious benefits American health care had to offer.

Maybe It Will Be Like This

From: A Friend To: A Friend Analysis and extended reasoning.... The McAuliffe Campaign made a calculated strategy that proved to be inspired and profound, which if followed skillfully without an equally skillful response from Republicans will, I think, result in the elimination of the GOP as a national force within the next election cycle.    That strategy was based on the apparent truth that young women think with and about their reproductive organs as much as do young men (as near as I could tell the only issue was abortion), and these young women want the intrusive welfare state to be their new baby-daddies.    Cuccinelli erred in thinking civil virtue was still prevalent among the Virginia voters, and that it would carry the day on his behalf.    He was wrong.

The Tipping Point

                                                Someone famous once said “Enough is enough and too much is plenty.” Too bad the person didn’t copyright it; Google shows it has been referenced out the wahzoo forever in most any context that implies a pending demolition of tolerance with shock waves of substantial force and destruction. Studiously following current events – from the “mainstream media” to the Alternative Media, talk radio, blogosphere, ‘water-cooler talk’, it is not an overstatement to say: America is rapidly approaching its “tipping point."

Clint Eastwood/Barack Obama interview


More Info, Less Viagra

Adam Geller’s obliquely written, poorly edited, AP distributed piece “A year after Newtown…” arrived  12/7 in well choreographed proximity to the 12/14 anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting rampage and slaughter of 20 children, 6 adults and 1 malignant human being. While strenuously bending verbally to appear “balanced”, starting with an account of a long forgotten and poorly remembered Kansas City “play” as well as  anecdotal stories of community “debates” about gun control from here and there, the understated conclusion is an endorsement for more gun control.

Solving Stupid

Stupid or Evil? Dumbo or Einstein? The Obama debate rages on. A simple question - hiding in plain sight- settles argument and those rooting for Stupid Dumbo lose. Retrospectively, Stupid Dumbo stories, columns, commentaries vastly outnumber Evil Einstein by avalanche proportions. Why? Largely because writers, commentators even my tell-it-like-it-is All Knowing fellow talk show hosts are reluctant to directly assign evil by name to the Most Powerful Man in the World, despite the fact he is a public servant, “works for us”, no Super Powers ad yadda. It’s easier, safer, more reflexive and rhetorical to be amazed, appalled, aghast that someone so Important, with lofty (alleged) credentials, could be so….well…Stupid. Even being too blatant with that assessment can get your column cancelled by a popular newsletter publisher with a higher opinion of O-Dumbo than I (and most others) and refused to publish an earlier article. No matter. It just proves the point there remains a severe sho