Solving Stupid

Stupid or Evil? Dumbo or Einstein? The Obama debate rages on. A simple question - hiding in plain sight- settles argument and those rooting for Stupid Dumbo lose.

Retrospectively, Stupid Dumbo stories, columns, commentaries vastly outnumber Evil Einstein by avalanche proportions. Why? Largely because writers, commentators even my tell-it-like-it-is All Knowing fellow talk show hosts are reluctant to directly assign evil by name to the Most Powerful Man in the World, despite the fact he is a public servant, “works for us”, no Super Powers ad yadda. It’s easier, safer, more reflexive and rhetorical to be amazed, appalled, aghast that someone so Important, with lofty (alleged) credentials, could be so….well…Stupid. Even being too blatant with that assessment can get your column cancelled by a popular newsletter publisher with a higher opinion of O-Dumbo than I (and most others) and refused to publish an earlier article. No matter. It just proves the point there remains a severe shortage of guts in the media world of critics.

But I digress…

To illustrate the Stupid not Evil trend, here some quotes from a piece that landed in the Inbox this morning:

ObamaCare may be viewed by historians as the dumbest political move ever…. [This] puts ObamaCare in contention for the dumbest piece of legislation ever….The reason why ObamaCare was so dumb politically was that it provided no…chance for political benefits…

Even though put-down humor (ODumbo, Obummer, Choomer-in-Chief) is easy to come by, in the end, the conclusion is: Obama is dumb, stupid, unqualified for the job.

So what is that “simple question hiding in plain sight” that nullifies the charges of “intelligence”? It’s one often used very effectively by my friend and co-host of “Judging Freedom”, Judge Andrew Napolitanto and I borrow here as a testimony to its analytical effectiveness: What if…?

What if…Obama doesn’t care? What if ObamaCare, Benghazi, IRS-Tea Party, Fast and Furious and the myriad of other unsettled, unsolved, unconstitutional scandals were all intentional; if not intentional, of no concern? What if he has seen the answers to the Final and knows there is nothing anyone can or will do to stop whatever his end-game may be? Just focusing on ObamaCare, here is a list of certainties from the aforementioned article:

It will destroy the finest health care system in the world.
§  It will cause unnecessary suffering and some premature deaths.
§  It will disrupt lives as insurance coverage is canceled.
§  It will raise the costs of insurance.
§  It will produce less health care and less quality.
§  It will not bend the cost curve favorably.

Except in the minds of the shrinking minority of terminal Kool-Aid drinkers, these are irrefutable facts. Some have already been accomplished; some will take a little longer.

When considering the “Rube Goldberg-like” aspects of this legislation, its overwhelming size, Orwellian content, overreaching fines and punishments, how could this have been concocted by someone “stupid”? This would be analogous to looking at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and saying: “This remarkable botanical marvel was once a Chia Pet.”

One doesn’t have to doff his Tin Foil fedora to be aware of the multitude of incalculable inconsistencies and odds-busting benefits that have miraculously fallen to such a stupendous advantage in Obama’s life story. Like a recessive gene, Stupid rarely works out to anyone’s constant, long term advantage. You may be able to do algorithms in your head but your fly is open and your socks don’t match.

When considering the preponderance of Barry’s bodacious background, why is it so difficult to see the past, present and future intent of an individual with such a solid Marxist upbringing? When considering his 5+ years of “accomplishments”, not just from a legislative perspective, but his speeches, racism, class warfare, in-your-face taxpayer-paid “vacations”, snubs toward a multitude of uniquely American ideals, either by omission or commission, from his perpetual lemon-sucking facial expressions to the infamous “Mussolini pose”, how can Stupid Dumbo trump the distinct pattern of evil intent? Hubris? Sure. Egomaniacal? Of course. Narcissistic? Without question. But Stupid?

OK – maybe he’s not be the brightest bulb in the Logic Free Zone’s political chandelier but that can only lead to the conclusion he has had lots of help – and not just from Mr. Tele-Prompter. Add Cloward and Piven, Alinsky and Ayers, Jarret and Axlerod and rest of Team Obama. His inability to replicate his pre-written eloquence in off-hand, extemporaneous comments is witnessed by the number of times his “winging it” has nearly put him in the Major League of Faux Pas, rivaling the Babe Ruth of Hoof-In-Mouthers, Joe Biden. But this is merely a lack of speaking talent. At bottom is an evil intent to destroy this country, to shrink the fabric of American society down to Little League of nation’s size. Remember, he said from the beginning , he intended to fundamentally transform America – and he’s done a damn fine job of it in a remarkably short amount of time. This is not the work of Stupid Dumbo; this is a man on a mission.

Clumsy? At times - to the point of startling incompetence. Waste of “political capital”? You bet. Economic ignorance? Terminal.  But when you factor in the “What if…” When you can logically divine the answer to “So what…?” Stupid Dumbo is a compliment that becomes a smokescreen for a much more serious reality.

If you don’t buy the calculus above, if as the aforementioned newsletter publisher, you see presidential criticism as racially-tinged ad homonyms, take this simple test: Using facts and reason – rather than prejudice and adrenalin – disprove the obvious.


(NB: This will count on your Final – and everyone else’s)


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