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How the Media Divides Us

Pick a subject. Any subject: Job. Religion. Housing. Education. Outdoor Camping Space… You’ll find something to fight about; something the ‘other guy’ has that you don’t. That’s bad! That's not fair! And, if the Mainstream Media has anything to say about it (and it always does), it will be because of Sex and Race, two of life’s realities that come with birth and are indelible (currently popular gender dysphoria notwithstanding). What passes for today’s Journalism has morphed from ‘reporting the facts of who, what, and why’ to just ‘why’. Invariably, their answers lie in disparities that hide within Race or Sex. Or both. Why didn’t I get the job? Race. Sex Why did the cop pull me over? Race Why can’t I attend this school? Race. Religion. Sex. Why can’t I buy this house? Race Yes, there are laws, rules and regulations prohibiting discrimination. But the beat goes on, most frequently in name only. Even if only by rumor and innuendo, the MSM will see to it the charge

Try That in a Big Town

The vitriol pouring out of liberal media attacking “Try That in a Small Town” is purer than the purest EverClear and just as toxic. There’s no cogent argument against the contention ‘the country is divided’. Most any subject political, social even sports related can ignite a firestorm of 4-alarm proportions anywhere, anytime at the drop of an innuendo. Jason Aldean’s sudden blockbuster hit is different. After 55 years in radio/TV, I never experienced anything close to this. John Lennon’s 1966 comment “We [the Beatles] are more popular than Jesus Christ” came close but, without the instant communications of cable and an Internet, the ‘storm’ blew over quickly enough. Listen to the lyrics. Maybe twice. Then read the comments on social and MSM media. They’re been removed now, but here are a couple copied off FaceBook: "Ah yes, small towns, where corruption reigns, incest is hidden, teenage pregnancies are highest, education is lowest, misogyny is acceptable, nepotism is the norm,

The Two and Only - Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard (Ep. 29)

 Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard discuss FBI Director Christopher Wray's gentle treatment of the Free Speech. Listen HERE

The Two and Only - Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard July 4th Birthday Bash

(Transcribed from Substack - The Two and Only 4th of July Bash) After 50-plus years in radio, tv, print, and advertising, I gradually became jaded toward the ads and programs loudly proclaiming the patriotic parts of America's birthdays. Too often these celebrations featured grisly stories from all of our battlegrounds of senseless wars invariably leading to young soldiers sailors marines getting blown to bits in some land you couldn't find on a globe for a cause that, in reality, didn’t have a damn thing to do with Freedom, Independence, Our Democracy, God-given Rights or Protecting Our Homeland. Patriotism and propaganda being what they are and how they play with mind and emotion, got to a point that needs to be put in a stark perspective. The times we're living in are not folded into a bigger cliche. They are far more critical and dangerous to these "American values" that are now supposed to get you to drop $60+K on a  dangerous electric rip-off built on a mons

The War on Weed - and other goodies!

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A View from the Infirmary

My apologies for the recent paucity of thought-provoking Substack articles. I've been sick. Come to think of it, I still am. But raised in the First Church of Grin 'n Bear It, the mere mention of any such 'weakness of the flesh' was an unforgivable No-No. There was always a spare bullet to bite should any illness or injury dare to appear. Contending with the Dreaded Chinese Rot, presented an opportunity to scribble a few thousand words on the sheer dystopian state of medical care in America. After a mere 4 pages, I canceled the effort for being too damn depressing. Plus, typing with fists had already ruined the keyboard. Waiting for delivery of the new one, I happened across a piece by an old pal writing on a subject we've debated and refind over the years. This is one of the best I've read. So rather than bore you with macabre tales of incompetent hospital administrators, 6-week waits for an appointment to get an appointment only to have it inexplicably 'lo