How the Media Divides Us

Pick a subject. Any subject:

Job. Religion. Housing. Education. Outdoor Camping Space…

You’ll find something to fight about; something the ‘other guy’ has that you don’t. That’s bad! That's not fair! And, if the Mainstream Media has anything to say about it (and it always does), it will be because of Sex and Race, two of life’s realities that come with birth and are indelible (currently popular gender dysphoria notwithstanding).

What passes for today’s Journalism has morphed from ‘reporting the facts of who, what, and why’ to just ‘why’. Invariably, their answers lie in disparities that hide within Race or Sex. Or both.

Why didn’t I get the job? Race. Sex

Why did the cop pull me over? Race

Why can’t I attend this school? Race. Religion. Sex.

Why can’t I buy this house? Race

Yes, there are laws, rules and regulations prohibiting discrimination. But the beat goes on, most frequently in name only. Even if only by rumor and innuendo, the MSM will see to it the charges alone will get blazing headlines but few facts.

How many of these whoppers do you remember?

The Infamous Jussie Smollett Hate Crime

Tawana Brawley’s Fake Rape

Air Force Academy Hate Hoax

Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal                     

The ESPN Garage Noose


 The headline for the Duke Lacrosse story, “Duke Hate-Crime Hoax Was Peddled by Media and Racial-Justice ‘Reformers’ is a rare glimpse of what’s become a predictable MSM tactic: partnering with today’s ‘social justice warriors’ to distort current events, create civil unrest and further divide people, communities and the country.

Every one of the stories above – and hundreds more – were hullaballoo’d by the media nation-wide in a cacophony of broadcast, print, and podium-pounding ‘commentary’ by ‘experts’ without the benefit of facts; every story proved to be false.

 Here’s a recent (7/26) example of how the Media will go to the most ludicrous extremes to find yet another way to discourage and divide us. From NBC News:

NBC News shines a spotlight on the need for black people to have 'safe spaces' in the outdoors

Thanks to Twitter, NBC got its well-deserved response

NBC report ridiculed for touting 'safe spaces' for Black people to camp, hike: 'Outdoors is racist'

There have many horrible crimes committed on the basis of race and sex, All were tragic and unnecessary, a cancer on our society waiting to be cured. Sadly, those tragedies were exacerbated by many of the same opportunists who seize every occasion, no matter how heinous, to bludgeon the issue even more but solely for their own ends, not the innocents left behind.

This is of no practical concern to the media. The depth of its cynicism has produced the operative cliché “If it bleeds, it leads.” Watch the next newscast with that in mind and see where human tragedy and fear fall in the order of stories covered.

Injustice, unfairness, fear, tragedy not only depress and discourage, they divide us, driving wedges of resentment between us that ultimately lead to anger and violence. This serves the media well with a self-perpetuating, self-generating source of human misery. How does it serve you? Remember “if it bleeds, it leads”.  


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