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On gay marriage...

If we agree: Government has no "business" (i.e. sanctioned authority or assigned obligation) in ths matter, why should "the church"? If two Agnostics or Aethiests (gay or straight) wish to marry, what "authority" sanctions their union? The Church's involvement is traditional, not imperative - except to the Believer. A basic motivation behind gay marriage is to satisfy legal requirements to gain access to actions and/or benefits otherwise denied to a non-relative. Changing or eliminating those unnecessary hurdles would be far easier, less threatening to the culture and thus make a lot more sense than once again calling on Governemnt to resolve a problem it crerated while having no authorizatioon to be involved in the first place.

Free-dumb: the Official Conservative View

Rush Limbaugh, the self-anointed, self-appointed Spokeshead for All That Is Conservative, has a damned warped opinion of what Freedom is. Unfortunately, there are many who agree with him. Do you? Hear what he said -- and my unvarnished response  right here.

Suppose you were fond of books...

 We've never met, but I have known L. Neil Smith for years. He is one of the most prolific writers on Freedom and Liberty in America. Really. He's done it mainly through writing his 50 year library of award-winning science fiction novels. Every now and then, he strays into non-fiction like his recent  "Down With Power"   which is, well - powerful. For anyone struggling with the national "debate" about guns and gun control roiling America, you'll find this vintage LNS helpful. SUPPOSE YOU WERE FOND OF BOOKS ...   You liked their leather bindings, their fancy endpapers, the way they speak to you of other times and places, the way they feel in your hand. You even liked the way they smell. Naturally you were aware that books are dangerous. They give people ideas. Over the long, sad course of history, they've resulted in the slaughter of millions -- books like _Uncle Tom's Cabin_, _Das Kapital_, _Mein Kampf_, the Quran, even the

In case you missed this tidbit...

... a White House coup d' etat?!?

Happy Hour Challenge (posted 5P)

Today's HHC is quite simple: Watch this  without laughing. The Winner receives my sympathy and one (1) Sense of Humor Implant. (NB: Those who have taken the test before are automatically disqualified). Begin................

And the Hypocrite of the Day Award goes to...

.... the person best demonstrating "The 2nd Amendement for Me, but not for Thee"! And the  snarky winner is --

Making the last 7 years worthwhile

While I am generally uncomfortable with compliments (an old WASP tradition), it was a great pleasure - and relief - to receive the following: Dear Brian, I wanted to write to thank you for the time you spent in Toledo. It was a disappointing day that I learned you were no longer on the airwaves of NW Ohio. The afternoon show will never be the same. Thank you for all the great guests you brought on air - Rich Galen, James Bovard, Walter Williams, Ann Coulter and so many more. Thanks, too, for introducing me to Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand. Atlas Shrugged is, without a doubt, the most influential novel I have read. More importantly, thank you for telling us about libertarianism. It is the only political philosophy I can truly get behind. Eight years ago, I had never even heard of it. Now I tell those who are not so "aggressively ignorant" about it. Not as eloquently as you ever put it, but we must all do our part. It is difficult trying to explain reason and

Before the weekend gets away...

 ...enjoy this 40 minute chat with  Lew Rockwell , erudite founder and leader of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute and keeper of, marking the official - albeit technically tenuous - launch of the Libertas Media Project . Coming up: Tom Woods, James Bovard, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Dr. Walter E. Williams, Monty Pelerin, Tom DiLorenzo and many more of the bright lights in the firmament of Freedom.

Lest we forget (Part 12)

Do NOT Photoshop This Picture

Lest we forget (Part 1)

Do NOT Photoshop This Picture!

Lest we forget (Part 2)


Sequester this

DHS order 2,700 for parades, county fairs, grade school field trips....