On gay marriage...

If we agree: Government has no "business" (i.e. sanctioned authority or assigned obligation) in ths matter, why should "the church"? If two Agnostics or Aethiests (gay or straight) wish to marry, what "authority" sanctions their union? The Church's involvement is traditional, not imperative - except to the Believer. A basic motivation behind gay marriage is to satisfy legal requirements to gain access to actions and/or benefits otherwise denied to a non-relative. Changing or eliminating those unnecessary hurdles would be far easier, less threatening to the culture and thus make a lot more sense than once again calling on Governemnt to resolve a problem it crerated while having no authorizatioon to be involved in the first place.


  1. I'm with you on a lack of government authority to 'license' the ability of two people to marry. The right of a church should then be reserved to the ability only to attempt to enforce doctrine upon its believers.

    The door swinging both ways (no pun intended) would therefore dictate that while any church's doctrine or policy should have no impact on the performance of a marriage ceremony, neither does the government have the right to force a church (or a the ownder of a personal business for that matter) to violate their religions doctrinal beliefs and perform a marriage ceremony in violation of them.

  2. Take the government, national, state and local, out of the getting married equation and what you're left with is a some laws on how to get unmarried.


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