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Tucker Carlson – The Last Word

If you are not Tucker Carlson, please shut up. Typical of the MSM ‘brand’ of ‘reporting’, the avalanche of stories about the sudden ouster of cable’s Heavyweight Champ is littered – no, loaded – no, larded up with all the usual suspects and everyone knows their names: Anonymous Source, A FOX News source, 8 Other Sources, Someone Close to the Situation, People Familiar With The Matter, Someone Unable to Speak Publicly, A Friend Who Wants To Remain Anonymous, A Source Briefed on the Situation. Their (alleged) insistence to be ‘off the record’ instantly imposes a guarantee of low-octane credibility. “Why” is the most vital component of the Who, What, When, Where, and Why formula behind news stories. News consumers want to know about Carlson’s firing, but after that’s out of the way, they want to know why. An editor either instructs his reporters to find a source who can supply the why, or he allows reporters to pepper their copy with anonymous sources because it makes it look like they’ve

Government is Corrupt by Its Nature and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

Note: Another piece from my "I Wish I Wrote This" Collection! Facebook friend and renegade thinker, Don Cooper never disappoints. If you're looking for a way to 'cure' government corruption by waiting for the next election, this one's for you! BW    M ost believe that if a government is corrupt then it’s because the people running it are corrupt so the solution is to vote ‘good’ people into office to replace the corrupt ones. But after thousands of years of voting, governments are still corrupt. Are we to believe that everyone is corrupt, that there are no ‘good’ people? By the law of large numbers alone, there should have been governments somewhere in history that weren’t corrupted. How long must humanity tilt at windmills before it realizes there is something innately putrid with politics? The explanation is that the nature of the institution by its existence is corrupt so it doesn’t matter who is running it, it will always be corrupt. It’s said in econo

If you're of 'an age'...

  We grew up in the 40s-50s-60. We studied in the 50s-60s-70s. We dated in the 50s-60s-70s. We got married and discovered the world in the 60s-70s-80s. We ventured into the 70s-80s. We stabilized in the 90s. We got wiser in the 2000s. And went firmly through the 2010s. Turns out we've lived through NINE different decades... TWO different centuries... TWO different millennia... We have gone from the telephone with an operator for long-distance calls to video calls to anywhere in the world, we have gone from slides to YouTube, from vinyl records to online music, from handwritten letters to email and WhatsApp... From live matches on the radio, to black and white TV, and then to HDTV... We went to Blockbuster and now we watch Netflix... We got to know the first computers, punch cards, diskettes and now we have gigabytes and megabytes in hand on our cell phones or iPads... We wore shorts throughout our childhood and then long pants, oxfords, Bermuda shorts, etc. We dodged infantile para

You've been selected...

Image check out this soft premier of "The 3!" for consideration, comment, revulsion or any other unsolicited response. Your indulgence is appreciated. Back story: John Nolan and I first worked together in the mid-80's on the Brian & O'Brien Show on Baltimore's B104. At the time, the station was the top-rated CHR and Brian & O'Brien dominated AM Drive. The show was not without its internal problems. John was brought in to run the board, act as referee and expert witness, and fill in during Don's 'substance abuse' absences. As a master natural side-kick, John and I created some iconic shows that even today stand as examples of what radio entertainment used to be all about. In customary radio tradition, we were eventually dismissed, pursuing separate career paths that, remarkably, brought us back together several years later in Talk radio on DC's WWRC. This time, I was hired to replace someone who had been poorly paired with former NBC/NY

Say there, friend...

 Are you "normal"? 

I was not born an anarchist

Robert Higgs  and I are "Facebook" friends, proving something worthwhile can be found on that platform. He is a prolific writer on matters most would consider esoteric - but are, in fact, comfortably understandable. His 'journey' below parallels mine in many ways but is written much better!  - BW I was not born an anarchist. Like everyone else of my time and place, I was born into a culture pervaded by statism and unquestioning acceptance of the state’s existence and of most if not all of its activities, including, of course, its blessed wars. I did not become an anarchist later because of an encounter, whether personal or literary, in which I suddenly saw the light. I had no Pauline road-to-Damascus experience. Instead, anarchism crept up on me, almost against my will, because I understood full well that adopting such an ideology would entail my colleague’s, friends’, and relatives’ consignment of me to the lunatic fringe. Besides, as a well-trained social scientist,

Something’s Not Right

That simple statement made during a casual meet-up of friends at the local pub put America’s zeitgeist in one easy-to-digest nutshell. It came during a general discussion of the country’s ills and quickly morphed into a litany of specific events that have resulted in an uptick of the nation’s blood pressure and shortening of citizens’ fingernails. ‘10 days to flatten the curve” to 2 years’ worth of government mandates, permanently changing our Free Society into a thinly veiled gulag run by over-reaching governors and petty tyrants with government titles, launched into celebrity status by a fawning media too fat, dumb and narcissistic to actually commit Journalism; An actual invasion of millions of illegal ‘immigrants’ pouring into the country only mildly inconvenienced by unenforced laws, carrying everything from new unborn citizens to diseased and mentally deranged to tons of lethal drugs while DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stares blankly at Congress and camera stating “The border

The Two and Only-- Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard (Ep. 28)

In this week's exciting adventure, the Two and Only discuss President Biden's trip to Ireland, beer (of course), Farm subsidies, agriculture and chicken farming, Food Stamps and obesity and... witch hazel.

And the Bleat Goes On - Gun Control and Social Media

Countless post-Nashville comments on ‘social media’ platforms contained some variation of this actual post: “So heartbroken for the people of Nashville today. I have a message for the leaders on both sides of the aisle today. Please stop competing against each other and start working on the important issues that currently and directly affect the people in our country. Today, again, so tragically shows this need. Another mass an elementary school. To our lawmakers please consider this again as you have before... a 2-month waiting period on gun purchases. A lot of bad can be stopped in 2 months. Much tougher controls at gun the doors and at the tables..and better screening and penalties for sellers who don't comply. I'm all in favor of our country-given right to bear arms but no need for assault rifles except in wars. We need to move forward..we need our leaders in government to have the guts to stop wasting time on their re-election and start focusing on

Poll: Americans have Dealt With Car Violence

NPR recently published a suspiciously timed ‘ poll ’ about ‘gun violence’. As with most polls from liberal media, it was littered with glittering generalities and scary scenarios, complete with a denunciation of American society with ‘gun violence’ sharing responsibility for everything from mental illness to exploding dandruff. Just as a “Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich”, anyone can buy a poll, select and craft the questions that lead to a pre-determined conclusion that fortifies the buyer’s position. Conveniently, most polling organizations accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. To demonstrate how one poll reflecting the horrors and dangers of ‘gun violence’ can be useful, we have copied/pasted that poll and inserted ‘car violence’ in its place. Statistics actually support the ubiquity of auto accidents (‘car violence’) is on par with ‘gun violence’ within similar demographic groups. Our “new poll” demonstrates fairness and transparency of factual reporting versus the omniprese

Walter Mitty's 2nd Amendment

Once upon a time, there was a people who inhabited a majestic land under an all-powerful government. Now this government had the resources to control practically every aspect of human existence; hundreds of thousands of “public servants” could access the most personal details of every citizen’s life because everyone was issued a number at birth with which the government would track him throughout his life. No one could even work in gainful employment without this number. True, the government left certain domains of individual action largely free, particularly matters concerning speech and sex. These activities posed no real threat to the state. When not used to entertain and divert, the power of speech was used principally to clamor for more or better goods from the state, or for “reforms” to make the state work “better,” thereby entrenching the people’s dependency. And insofar as sex was concerned, well, the people’s behavior in this area also really had no effect on the scope of stat

Brad Smith - Guest

Finding a talented writer and exceptional thinker is one of the few bennies still available on Face Book. On those rare occasions, it is my intention to give their talent and intellect the widest exposure possible. BW   One of the problems with pushing for radical individualism and the freedom that comes with libertarian philosophy is that we are fighting against something that has been ingrained in the human race since our creation as a species. We need to rely on each other in times of emergency, we have to form groups for survival and this creates tribalism/communalism which is also necessary for our survival.   You can explain to people using all the logic and reason in the world why individualism and liberty are important and that in the modern world they not only create the conditions for prosperity but also help to ward off the worst effects of Tribalism and Communalism, but no amount of logic will change our lizard brain from believing otherwise. What if I'm hurt? What if I

The "Ignore" Button

Liberal Democrats (are there any other kind?) have rolled out their new strategy to deal with the 'something's not right' vibe consuming the American zeitgeist. It's the new Ignore Button pressed by politicians, news media celebs, and anyone else who finds themselves facing the pressurized angst of Republicans and Conservatives; the persistent, growing sense whoever is actually running the “Biden” administration is willfully leading America to the precipice of something too awful to imagine: the end of the great American Experiment. Say what you want about the MSM, but even in their bias, forfeited integrity, and flaccid reporting, the principled energy of the Right is perpetually stifled by the essence of the new Ignore Button of the Left: “We're in charge. You aren't. And we don't care.” Constructed of equal parts Hubris, Apathy, Vengeance, Condescension, and a scrunge bucket full of Skullduggery, the liberal's Ignore Button tactic may be the ultimate