You've been selected... check out this soft premier of "The 3!" for consideration, comment, revulsion or any other unsolicited response.

Your indulgence is appreciated.

Back story:

John Nolan and I first worked together in the mid-80's on the Brian & O'Brien Show on Baltimore's B104. At the time, the station was the top-rated CHR and Brian & O'Brien dominated AM Drive. The show was not without its internal problems. John was brought in to run the board, act as referee and expert witness, and fill in during Don's 'substance abuse' absences. As a master natural side-kick, John and I created some iconic shows that even today stand as examples of what radio entertainment used to be all about.

In customary radio tradition, we were eventually dismissed, pursuing separate career paths that, remarkably, brought us back together several years later in Talk radio on DC's WWRC. This time, I was hired to replace someone who had been poorly paired with former NBC/NY radio personality, Bob Madigan. Once again, it was magic. Not only was Bob and I a perfect match, with John's exquisite timing running the board, "Mornings with Brian & Bob" became the fastest-rising AM drive show in Washington. We even got an Air Award - back when that really meant something!!

Of course, true to Radio custom, we were all subsequently fired in a management blunder of spectacular proportions even the GM couldn't believe.

Bob went on to become WMAL's beloved 'Man About Town', finished out his career and scampered off to begin his retirement as a town alderman (or similar) in a small fishing village on the rocky coast of Maine where he lives under an assumed birth name.

John went from a successful stint in News at Z104/DC to what is now his 11th year as one of LA's top air personalities. The man's talent knows no bounds!

Of course, as a recipient of this missive, you already know the odious history of my sordid Talk radio career so I'll mercifully skip that stuff.

As radio friends do, John and I maintained contact over the decades. In one of our rambling conversations several weeks ago, because of this great relationship we've had that's lasted more than any of our marriages, we came up with the idea of doing a podcast. What the hell, right? There are only 300,000 or so of them currently available, most of which pretty much suck. How many Joe Rogan's can the market have? Certainly more than one! So we decided to prove: we aren't one of them! But that doesn't mean we can't have a good time! After a few dry runs to confirm our low expectations, we went ahead and put a few "in the can". No, not THAT 'can' - altho it may be that's the right 'can' after all. Time will tell...

But maybe you can give us an early warning! Warts and all... Here's #1.

Lettuce no wha'cha think...




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