The "Ignore" Button

Liberal Democrats (are there any other kind?) have rolled out their new strategy to deal with the 'something's not right' vibe consuming the American zeitgeist. It's the new Ignore Button pressed by politicians, news media celebs, and anyone else who finds themselves facing the pressurized angst of Republicans and Conservatives; the persistent, growing sense whoever is actually running the “Biden” administration is willfully leading America to the precipice of something too awful to imagine: the end of the great American Experiment. Say what you want about the MSM, but even in their bias, forfeited integrity, and flaccid reporting, the principled energy of the Right is perpetually stifled by the essence of the new Ignore Button of the Left:

“We're in charge. You aren't. And we don't care.”

Constructed of equal parts Hubris, Apathy, Vengeance, Condescension, and a scrunge bucket full of Skullduggery, the liberal's Ignore Button tactic may be the ultimate trump card (no pun intended) played against Republicans in response to their new mid-term positions of Constitutional authority.

To witness the Button in operation, simply observe the reaction of Democratic 'leaders' when faced with specific questions regarding their lack of performance in the positions they occupy.

The President (aka ‘The Big Guy’) denies the common knowledge of his son's illegal dealings with China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries with smaller treasuries. Of course, the whore-hoping MSM refuses to pursue the enormity of a scandal that threatens the economy, system of justice, and national security. Fortunately, the country's chocolate chip ice cream reserves are secure.

The new practice is currently in vogue at the daily White House Press Briefings (aka Binder Reading) where Kringe Jean-Pierre refuses to “address” confirmation of the President's name or the morning sunrise. The Ignore Button in action.

Cabinet members called to testify before House and Senate committees with Constitutional oversight regularly employ the precursor of the Ignore Button, the proven and legendary deposition tactic of failed memory: “I don't recall”. Other than inadmissible 'lie detector tests”, any pursuit of fact discovery or getting to the bottom of any government impropriety is stonewalled with CA (Convenient Amnesia). In a recent 400-page deposition, all-knowing Dr. Anthony Fauci said “I don’t recall” 174 times and “I don’t remember” at least 212 times.


DHS Secretary Mayorkas routinely fails to recall, confirm, deny, or produce the most basic information to inquiring (Republican) Committee members while maintaining the security of the nation's (non) border with Mexico. While his broadcast ineptitude is seen by millions, he refuses to resign. Republicans have yet to fulfill a promise to impeach.

FBI Director Wray, possibly one of the inventors of the Ignore Button has his own custom version which features the “I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation” option. Actually, he can comment, both morally and legally but no one is about to debate or force his hand so it continues to thwart serious inquiry.

While this is all great sport among the elites in the professional political class, the clear and present danger to America is the erosion of credibility among its citizens of the principle of equality under the law. While politicians 'on both sides' regularly extol the Rule of Law, 'everyone is equal under the law', 'innocent until proven guilty' (Nancy Pelosi excepted), the 'two-tiered' inequality of justice has become the rule rather than the exception. Even the most cursory review of events over the last 10 years, reveals the Double Standard as the operating standard for members in power. Even a (formerly) dreaded subpoena is ignored with impunity, a quaint custom that may have been perfected by former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder during the ‘Fast and Furious scandal.

The damage to the principles of American ideals - 'innocent until proven guilty' and 'equal treatment under the law' - has been sufficiently inflicted by those in charge of administration to bring the American Justice System to the brink.

The brink of what? is the provocative question,

When a critical mass becomes unequivocally convinced their “leaders” believe they are, in fact, above the law, treating themselves to special privileges, no longer accountable for their illegal actions, then the chaos, the 'civil war' discussed more and more frequently in 'polite society' is likely become the feared reality.

Then again – maybe not.

The apathy and cynicism, ignorance, and narcissism so rampant throughout society may be enough to permit us all to slip on the chains of government slavery and welcome the tyranny that promises to keep us entertained in return for unquestioned obedience.


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