Something’s Not Right

That simple statement made during a casual meet-up of friends at the local pub put America’s zeitgeist in one easy-to-digest nutshell. It came during a general discussion of the country’s ills and quickly morphed into a litany of specific events that have resulted in an uptick of the nation’s blood pressure and shortening of citizens’ fingernails.

‘10 days to flatten the curve” to 2 years’ worth of government mandates, permanently changing our Free Society into a thinly veiled gulag run by over-reaching governors and petty tyrants with government titles, launched into celebrity status by a fawning media too fat, dumb and narcissistic to actually commit Journalism;

An actual invasion of millions of illegal ‘immigrants’ pouring into the country only mildly inconvenienced by unenforced laws, carrying everything from new unborn citizens to diseased and mentally deranged to tons of lethal drugs while DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stares blankly at Congress and camera stating “The border is under control”;

Children attending public schools are forcibly subjected to CRT (Critical Race Theory). The curriculum’s fundamental assumption is collective racial guilt; white people have a natural, subconscious sense of superiority and must atone for their ‘white privilege’. Objecting parents are silenced, and forcibly removed from speaking at public Board of Education, PTA, and similar community meetings. Attorney General Merrick Garland instructs the FBI to ‘investigate’ parents. Public schools promote the LGBTQ agenda, complete with ‘Drag Queen” shows to elementary school children despite parental objections;

Schools, colleges and universities, and all levels of the medical profession actively encourage underage children to take all necessary steps to change their sex if, for any reason, they weren’t ‘comfortable’ with the ‘birth gender identification’. These ‘steps’ included puberty blockers and similar drugs even surgery to remove breasts and genitalia, often without parental notification and tragically in some cases, with their approval. And all cases are irreversible;

Inflation, a product of wanton fiscal irresponsibility, profligate spending, and the corrupt actions of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. The “invisible tax” devalues the dollar and raises prices, constricting the Free Market flow of goods and services; outsourcing manufacturing to political enemies while punishing American businesses with confiscatory taxes and regulations, creating unemployment, expediting the extinction of the Middle Class, and the end of the American Dream; a national debt so high that one cannot imagine;

Corruption, waste, loss of rights, and the destruction of freedom at every level of government. Presidents and their families, ex-presidents, and their families, congressmen, senators, governors, mayors, commissioners, and public school officials partake in every illegal, illicit, immoral conduct known to man. Aided and abetted by an equally corrupt justice system and shielded by a complicit, corporately owned media, keeps citizens in perpetual ignorance and feeds their apathy.

Something’s not right.


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