If you're of 'an age'...

We grew up in the 40s-50s-60.
We studied in the 50s-60s-70s.
We dated in the 50s-60s-70s.
We got married and discovered the world in the 60s-70s-80s.
We ventured into the 70s-80s.
We stabilized in the 90s.
We got wiser in the 2000s.
And went firmly through the 2010s.
Turns out we've lived through NINE different decades...
TWO different centuries...
TWO different millennia...
We have gone from the telephone with an operator for long-distance calls to video calls to anywhere in the world, we have gone from slides to YouTube, from vinyl records to online music, from handwritten letters to email and WhatsApp...
From live matches on the radio, to black and white TV, and then to HDTV...
We went to Blockbuster and now we watch Netflix...
We got to know the first computers, punch cards, diskettes and now we have gigabytes and megabytes in hand on our cell phones or iPads...
We wore shorts throughout our childhood and then long pants, oxfords, Bermuda shorts, etc.
We dodged infantile paralysis, meningitis, H1N1 flu, and now COVID-19...
We rode skates, tricycles, invented cars, bicycles, mopeds, gasoline or diesel cars and now we ride hybrids or 100% electric...
Yes, we've been through a lot but what a great life we've had!
They could describe us as "exennials" people who were born in that world of the fifties, who had an analog childhood and digital adulthood.
We're kind of Ya-seen-it-all.
Our generation has literally lived through and witnessed more than any other in every dimension of life.
It is our generation that has literally adapted to "CHANGE".
A big round of applause to all the members of a very special generation, which are UNIQUE. Here's a precious and very true message that I received from a friend:
Life is a task that we do ourselves every day.
When you look... it's already six in the afternoon; when you look... it's already Friday; when one looks... the month is over; when one looks... the year is over; when one looks... 50, 60, 70 and 80 years have passed!
When you look... you no longer know where your friends are.
When you look... we lost the love of our life and now, it's too late to go back.
Do not stop doing something you like due to lack of time. Do not stop having someone by your side, because your children will soon not be yours, and you will have to do something with that remaining time, where the only thing that we are going to miss will be the space that can only be enjoyed with the usual friends. This time that, unfortunately, never returns...
The day is today!
Hopefully, you have time to read and then share this message... or else leave it for *Later* and you will see that you will never share it!
Always together
Always united
Always brothers
Always friends
Pass it on to your best friends. Don't leave it for later

h/t Paul D. Meyers


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