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My Vote This Time

Maybe if I post it here, the phone will stop ringing, the mailbox will unclog and everyone who really really wants to know will….know. Actually, I’m really excited about my guy! Can’t say I’ve ever been this stoked about a candidate! How could anyone not be? Unlike the Dems, he has definitive, articulate plans for the future; Unlike Warren, he has no doubts about his lineage; Unlike Biden, he has never flip-flopped on essential issues, plagurized someone else's work, does push-ups, has had a face life or sports hair plugs; Unlike Kamala Harris, he became a success the old fashioned way: he earned it. While standing upright. Unlike Spartacus, while born in New Jersey, he is not delusional, minds his manners and maintains a full head of hair; Unlike Bernie Sanders, he is unlike Bernie Sanders; The same can be said for the rest of the Democratic Wanna-Be's. The person I’m voting for has always been courteous and responsive to my queries and honestly concerned about my concerns

Simple Fact; Simple Truth

Government is a criminal farce.  Why subject yourself to it, much less believe it's going to make your life better?  It isn't.  It won't. It can't.  And it doesn't want to. Brian Wilson