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Clowning Around

  Of the many accusations thrown at the Obama administration: Incompetence, Brilliant, Stupid, Evil, Clowns, “clowns” may be the most misleading. The Obama administration is deadly serious. It’s made excellent progress on achieving all of its goals. Calling them clowns leads to a state of denial that (a) minimizes the significance of what they have accomplished, (b) underestimates their focus and discipline which is superb,

Stop Complaining; Life Isn't Fair

Quoting.... We don’t need to wake people up. Enough people are already awake. What needs to happen now is that those people who are awake become motivated, determined and carry out their duty to act against the enemy. We don’t need more dispiriting, defeatist voices.

The Judge and the Pope

My friend and " Judging Freedom " colleague Judge Andrew Napolitano speaks openly about Pope Francis, his visit to the US and his traditionalist Catholicism vs a "Marxist" Pope... Click here

On "running for President"

"Who is best qualified to be President?" How does one become "qualified" to oversee the coercive micromanaging of the lives of several hundred million people? One doesn't. Ever.

Conundrum 2106

In next year’s Republican Presidential primaries, voters will be dealing with something new: a real choice! Not just among the crowded field of candidates but the most varied group of individuals we’ve seen in some peoples’ lifetimes: veterans of the Inside-The-Beltway political machine, New Kids on the Block and, most uniquely,

Now for something completely different

Even with the rest of the world in some stage of social, political and economic turmoil, some good news seeps out occasionally.... BW "The group, consisting of scientists from the CSIRO, the University of Melbourne and Monash University

Married by the Government

Need even more proof of the horrors that result when "Government is here to help"? Andrew Syrios pens a few informative paragraphs about the history of Government's destructive incursions into the "institution" of marriage.