Clowning Around

 Of the many accusations thrown at the Obama administration: Incompetence, Brilliant, Stupid, Evil, Clowns, “clowns” may be the most misleading.

The Obama administration is deadly serious. It’s made excellent progress on achieving all of its goals. Calling them clowns leads to a state of denial that (a) minimizes the significance of what they have accomplished, (b) underestimates their focus and discipline which is superb,
and (c) distracts one from anticipating what they will do next.

Their methods are ingenious and should be carefully studied. They thoroughly abuse the pre-existing structures of responsible governance which creates an appearance of incompetence while completely undermining the institutions of the republic. When the structure cannot be abused, it is simply hollowed out (ICE). When the structure cannot be abused or eviscerated to accomplish a goal, it is ignored, and extra-legal and extra-governmental avenues are employed (a la Fast and Furious). With respect to the latter, I’m confident that for every F&F that has been uncovered, there are half a dozen operations like that have gone undiscovered thanks to a complete and utter absence of any investigative media outside of the blogosphere which is of course a marginal substitute for a professional media that does its job properly. Add to that, no reaction came from the BATFE until after the death of agent Brian Terry; F&F moved right along in its illegality until “one of their own” was killed. Then and only then did an appropriate reaction take place from agents, not the Administration and certainly not Atty Gen Holder.

Bureaucracies are amoral entities; they exist only to sustain themselves. The kind of people that are attracted to bureaucracy are motivated largely by two things: position, and pension. Taking a moral stand puts both of those objectives in mortal jeopardy; therefore, the bureaucrat becomes morally unreliable. An amoral entity staffed by morally unreliable actors is dependably immoral. Worse, the larger a bureaucracy gets, the less an individual bureaucrat can personally affect its course of action; an overwhelming sense of helplessness results, compounding the problem. When sociopaths and psychopaths get control of a bureaucracy, the worst happens. Given that today’s world is almost 100% controlled by giant corporate and government bureaucracies, can we be surprised at the results?

The Obama administration has been ingenious in thoroughly co-opting, undermining, subverting, or working around both governmental and corporate bureaucratic structures in order to perpetrate their schemes. They have accomplished this with minimal violence and disturbance, and even more remarkably, with hardly anyone really noticing how efficiently they’ve done their work. Violence and chaos will ensue, but largely after their work has been accomplished– which is a pretty remarkable way to run a revolution


  1. ....
    The problem is that everything the Establishment, Elites do is
    intended to keep government healthy, running and growing.
    They represent Government before all else.

    Political power is more important to them than America
    remaining a Republic, becoming Socialist, Communist
    or a Dictatorship.


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