Conundrum 2106

In next year’s Republican Presidential primaries, voters will be dealing with something new: a real choice! Not just among the crowded field of candidates but the most varied group of individuals we’ve seen in some peoples’ lifetimes: veterans of the Inside-The-Beltway political machine, New Kids on the Block and, most uniquely, serious candidates with virtually zero experience in “elected office”. 

And therein lies the conundrum. Voters are facing the conflicting cry of “No more Washington Insiders!” and in the same breath, criticizing the “private sector” choices as “never having held political office”. At this writing, business and entertainment magnet, Donald Trump is the dominant leader – with no political experience. Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is in second place never having held political office. Coming up on the outside, Carly Fiorina, former HP biggie, comes closest having unsuccessfully run a 2010 Senate campaign against Barbara Boxer.

Are voters perplexed? Stymied. Confused? Hardly. It’s 14 months to Election Day; 6 months until the first (Iowa) primary (actually, a closed caucus) then 6 months of more-of-the-same, hop-scotching around the country. As tempus fugits, (conscientious) voters will get a clear understanding of Who stands for What (so they say).

So who’s beating the drum for the Big Conundrum: Experienced but rivialed “establishment” politicians who know their way around The Logic Free Zone or inexperienced newbies with business savvy who can fund their own campaigns? The Mainstream Media, that’s who! Recall the Washington Post survey revealing the majority of “journalists” were…Democrats!? While 2013 saw a “sudden” shift to “Independent” among the 4th Estaters, the D’s still outnumber the R’s 3 to 1.

What’s the significance? Liberals don’t understand Business, independent thought, individual responsibility, initiative, entrepreneurialism – FREEDOM! They are Liberals who are also Collectivists who believe Government is the source from which all blessings flow; the Big Brother and Nanny State required to protect us from ourselves. Of course they cannot comprehend the rogue conduct of a Trump, the honest humility of a world-famous surgeon or the straight talk of a former super-exec, all of whom have an arsenal of experience that can blast through the Poli-Babble of the Professional Pol. (Rand Paul may be a partial exception).

As the Silly Season continues, watch who has the arched eyebrows when the Blow-Dried Set assembles to parse the Mystery of the Outsiders and their continuing success(es) along the way.

And don’t forget the popcorn!


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