Stop Complaining; Life Isn't Fair

We don’t need to wake people up. Enough people are already awake. What needs to happen now is that those people who are awake become motivated, determined and carry out their duty to act against the enemy. We don’t need more dispiriting, defeatist voices. We need voices that inspire and speak of the good and beautiful things like duty, heroism and sacrifice.

A lot of noise is made about the violent nature of Muslims and urban black culture. Whites think that pointing out that blacks are dysfunctional and commit a disproportionate amount of rape and violent crime is a victory of some sort. It’s not. It’s an admission of weakness. You’re admitting that blacks and Muslims ruin your countries and that you do nothing about it. That is weakness.

Stop signing useless petitions. Stop begging politicians to save you. Stop talking about how immigrants are living on your taxes. Stop talking about how immigrants are violent rapists. Stop obsessing about the differences between a migrant and a refugee. Stop talking about how blacks are the real racists. Stop talking like a victim. Life isn’t fair. Stop crying and do something about it.

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