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Emotional politics

Here's the inside skinny on How It Works and  what is happening  in Waiting Rooms across the country

Mommy - Where do ObamaPhones come from??

Well, Honey, it's like  this... Now keep in mind that the nice man who runs the company that supplies the phones (and is the principal carrier) is the son of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, richest man in the world. Can you say Crony Capitalism.....?? I know you can.

The Church of Charlie Brown

Ahh....November Elections! Christmas for the political junkies! Salvation and Redemption for the True Believers! Really? Seriously? For a double shot of political reality - plus a little of the other kind - read  this  beauty by my pal Monty Pelerin.

Had to happen

Fired. Again.                                        Just........... damn

Got Gold? Oil? Tiporillos?

Alrighty are a  couple   stories  that should make your day -- IF you've  been stashing some gold in your Rainy Day stash. Even if you haven't, a little peek behind the Skullduggery Curtain can only help to understand where those termites came from that are eating away at your paycheck, savings, IRA, etc. Then there's this  companion  piece that has some exciting news about Black Gold that also portends worrisome news about the strength of the Dollar. And you thought Mexico was our amigo....! More later.... Enjoy? Late arrival: I yam what I  yam ...Read! Feel safe and secure!

Who's the guy? Matthews? Schultz? O'Reilly?


Click here for....


Helluva line-up

On the show.... Today: Congressman Ron Paul (4:30)  and BassMaster Champ Kevin Van Dam (5:00) Thurs: Judge Andrew Napolitano (4:35) Friday: Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal (4:30)

FaceBook Facts REVEALED!!

Finally! Thanks for  this report , it all makes sense now. Imagine what this will do to the share price!!

What if...?

If you've been following the financial/economic news, you know about "Taxaggedon", the "Cliff", dollar debasement and other Doomsday scenarios -- from the Mayan Calendar to Obama's re-election to the return of Disco. What if they're true? What if the "Doomsday Preppers" have it right this time? What if they're just almost right? What if  this analysis  is spot on?

An Evening At The DNC

My brief and yet somehow agonizing review of one night at Charlotte's "Festival of Lies"

Missed it?

If you missed my chat with Dinesh D'Souza, author of Obama's America  and Director/Producer/Writer and Star of " 2016 - Obama's Dream ", you can catch the podcast  here.

Better than Star Trek, Star Wars or The Kardashians!

If you stayed up to watch the first Moon Walk (not MJ's), you are gonna luv this!



"Wasted vote"? Really? Seriously?

Every election cycle, I get calls chastising me for encouraging votes for the Libertarian candidate. President, Congress, dog catcher -- whatever. And every election cycle, I'll hear the same old, same old: You're wasting your vote! He doesn't have a chance! A vote for (the Libertarian candidate) just means a vote for The Bad Guy! And after the votes are counted and the Winner takes office....then I get calls: You were right...This guy sux....Same old Same old....Wait till next time.... (Pssssst: "Next Time" has arrived). Remember those pesky "Compare and Contrast" exam questions in school? This one is done for you. All you have to do is Look and Listen. Obama Lover? Romney Lover? Click  here.