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Rush and Me

If you're an Accidental Tourist visiting from some other celestial rock, you don't know the significance of the passing of Rush Limbaugh (2/17/21). Look it up. You'll find everything from long-winded laudatory to wretchedly putrid bias. Political punditry has a way of bringing out the best in people and worst in scum. I should know - having frittered away 55 years of an otherwise exemplary life, making meters bounce and management cringe at some of America's Heritage radio stations in Major Markets across the country. Fortunately, audiences were more tolerant most of those pre-Cancel Culture years and the worst I suffered was the occasionally Breached Contract, otherwise known as Delayed Compensation (if you have decent attorneys - an oxymoron, I know). But I digress...My on-air relationship with El Rushbo is detailed highlighted in my book, " 50 Stories: 50 Years in Radio ." For the incurably inquisitive, here is the show from Atlanta, October 1990.   Profess

Our Deep State

Once the lawmakers of a nation become corrupt, then nothing works properly anymore, no matter the energy applied and thus, the impeachment trial is a good revelatory test bed for Americans to discover the calibre of folks in congress, where the fate of the nation is actually decided. We've been provided that opportunity but do we as a people, possess the morality and responsibility to take stock of the quality of our congressional representation and make the necessary changes? No, we don't. As for the deep state, every nation on earth has a "deep state", they're the roots of the ability of a nation, just like trees have roots and thus, the problem is not that we have a deep state, an inevitability for any old enough nation, but whether our deep state is noble or depraved, or as often occurs, merely competent. In our situation, we have a "deep state" (establishment..) that's depraved, ignorant of history, incompetent at management, and worst of all, v

Know Government; No Government Revisted

One again, it can be stated with certainty: there is no compelling reason for Government. If we confined the examination just to the beginning of 2020 and the 'arrival' of the so-call 'pandemic', there would be ample evidence to prove the point. The misinformation, disinformation, 'flip-flopping' reversals, inconsistencies and outright lies told repeatedly by so-called 'experts' and Government ‘officials’, elected, appointed and ‘career’, are boundless. It was done before the Public, repeatedly, in broad daylight vis mainstream media. Thousands of wanton deaths of the elderly and infirmed, literally imprisoned in nursing homes by questionably legal – but certifiably immoral - Government 'Executive Orders", strikes one mute. One only has to consider the megalomaniacal sociopath NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose addiction to power and the media spotlight had the unmitigated gall to pen a self-promoting, self-aggrandizing book touting 'leadershi