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Share With Your Friends

If you share pictures on-line, you are likely inviting very UNwelcome guests to steal your stuff - and maybe other things... Ain't technology great?! Sometimes not so much...    Check it out here BW

Looking for a job? Read this first....

Like 90-some million Americans, several close friends/family members have been in the job hunt for some time. Their stories of the apply-wait-interview (or not) process has been fascinating

Coming to a house near you - maybe yours?

Former guest Roger Pilon (VP-Cato Institute) writes a compelling piece about the latest government atrocities:

Coming to your neighborhood?

"Time is the sole arbiter between Precience and Paranoia" is one of my personal homilies conjured during a lively discussion on "conspiracies" on KSFO/San Francisco. With that in mind here are some timely observations from friend John Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute: Once upon a time, there was a nation of people who believed everything they were told by their government. When terrorists attacked the country,