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This Is What Show Prep Looks Like

This Is What Show Prep Looks Like This Is What Show Prep Looks Like These are some ot the compelling pieces that will serve as resource materials for today and future shows. To get a real sense of what we're talking about every day, check these out. (It won't hurt the content of your own conversations either!) Todays's "Required Reading". Great  OWS piece   with super-compelling, send-to-your-buds video. Lew Rockwell on the  real - and evil -  "1%". A little  something  for all the union slugs and thugs. "Ya say ya wannna a Rev-o-lu-shun?"   Here it comes.     

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Letters... We Get Letters

A sneaky way to get the woman you love to exercise


My Most Recent columns for Lew Rockwell

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Monkey Wrenching the Gears of Government

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Debt Debate Definitions

Your Guide Through The Current Manufactured  Madness . 

The Jack Ass Show

Another article of mine for Lew Rockwell.