Know Government; No Government Revisted

One again, it can be stated with certainty: there is no compelling reason for Government.

If we confined the examination just to the beginning of 2020 and the 'arrival' of the so-call 'pandemic', there would be ample evidence to prove the point. The misinformation, disinformation, 'flip-flopping' reversals, inconsistencies and outright lies told repeatedly by so-called 'experts' and Government ‘officials’, elected, appointed and ‘career’, are boundless. It was done before the Public, repeatedly, in broad daylight vis mainstream media. Thousands of wanton deaths of the elderly and infirmed, literally imprisoned in nursing homes by questionably legal – but certifiably immoral - Government 'Executive Orders", strikes one mute. One only has to consider the megalomaniacal sociopath NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose addiction to power and the media spotlight had the unmitigated gall to pen a self-promoting, self-aggrandizing book touting 'leadership' lessons in New York through the pandemic. If "delusional" was fatal, Cuomo would have died months ago.

And still, there is no end, no ‘return to normal’, in sight – or, maybe, even possible


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