The Two and Only-- Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard (Ep. 28)

In this week's exciting adventure, the Two and Only discuss President Biden's trip to Ireland, beer (of course), Farm subsidies, agriculture and chicken farming, Food Stamps and obesity and... witch hazel.

Listen here


  1. Truly it seems that there are several rational reasons to limit the sales of firearms especially those with detachable box magazines. If one removes the emotion from the argument that it will save life (how is the ban on street fentanyl working) one must consider disarmament must be aimed (pun unintentional) at another target. If one uses this concept what is the actual goal and purpose? Think don’t emote

    1. You comment has no relation to the subject above. Apparently, it was meant for the posting below. And on the comment "Think don't emote", provide an answer rather than rhetoric.


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