Some New Year's Revelations

Happy New Year

Not that I’m expecting better. Out with the Old Bad, in with the New Bad. On January 1, the evil that has descended on the land will remain entrenched. The snitch of federalism will continue to foul the air of a once proud nation. The shackles of our children and grandchildren will continue to grow heavier. The TV News promised as much truth as the TV commercials. But wait, there’s more…

Perhaps we keep alive the Lies of Christmas because out very existence has become a Big Lie. We pretend not to see it so that we can continue to live what have become out normal lives. The holiday lies are relatively harmless – unlike the terrible lies we tell ourselves to accept the unacceptable. The land of the unfree and unbrave bowing to the tyranny of government as god; a nation grown tire of freedom, liberty and most of all, personal responsibility

The ObamaCare lie and our misery due to same should be the Republicans ticket to power. But they would rather see Democrats in the Senate then Tea Party Republicans. After all, the corruption within the Logic Free Zone is too important to be left to some idealistic “reformers”.

The latest NSA story I heard is they are infiltrating computer equipment before it ships overseas. The story failed to note the best place for infiltration is at the point of manufacture. The hacker inserts their trapdoor in the software that is to be installed. Hacking the Cisco routers is a sweet trick! Message traffic – like software updates – can be re-routed to evil sites. All email can first be sent to NSA computers before being passed to its final destination. Yaakov Smirnoff was right: “Is this a great country or what?”

Hey – if you’re not paranoid, you don’t know what’s going on.

Pass the remote – the game’s coming on…


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