Maybe I’m Amazed…

(with no apologies to Paul McCartney)

Actually, no “maybe” about it; I am most certainly amazed at the fact that otherwise ordinary-to- intelligent people continue to be amazed that ObamaCare ain’t even close to what it was crack-piped up to be: the salvation of American Health Care. Except for the suffocating, cost-escalating red tape regulations foisted upon every family doctor from Welby to Johns Hopkkins , American hospitals were the First Choice Among Death-Dealing Dictators who came here under cover to receive the bodacious benefits American health care had to offer.

I am amazed that pundits continue to punditize all the particulars down to molecular structure: what is wrong with ObamaCare. The fact that it is stupendously unconstitutional should have been more than enough for the original 2100 +/- pages to take that one-way trip to the Richard Nixon Memorial Paper Shredder before Cheap Justice Roberts could be blackmailed by this “administration” (see also Criminal Conspiracy) into scribbling some tortured, convoluted, double-tongue ruling that everything was AOK, proceed with the screwing of America “in a fundamental way”.

I am amazed that even if you Delete the paragraph above and pay no attention to the NSACIAFBI technocrats behind the curtain, there is still the pesky little matter of imperial, high-handed, screw-the-Rule-of-Law revisionism practiced on the Law We Know As ObamaCare by its namesake. To hell with Congress and the Separation of Powers. To hell with Constitutional restraints. Ditto the economy, small business, the “middle class” and the health and welfare of millions absolutely screwed out of any health care coverage at all, affordable or not. Can you say  “Edie Littlefield Sundby”?

I am amazed that Harry Reid and other political headliners take Animal Farm privilege with ObamaCare obligations. Naturally, the laws, regulations, “system” will work to acquit the Ruling Elite from having to obey the rules and regs to which we peons must bend: “Some are more equal than others”.  More amazing is the best Joe Average American can do is mouth-off to a poll taker on the phone or pound out uber-macho comments on FaceBook and in the Comments section of certain popular web sites.

I am amazed despite the remarkable coverage all of this ObamaCare scandal upon scandal has received along with reasonably accurate (although not nearly enough) coverage from the MSM, a recent AP/GFK Polled a whopping 39% “approve of the way the President is handling health care.” At least we now know how big that Box of Rocks is…

I am amazed that there are those who look at the Big Picture and still maintain everything “will work itself out.” This is the face of an economic collapse, the likes of which I have been reading repeatedly will be like nothing the World has even seen before. So, naturally, we should not discuss it.

 How brilliant is that?

Amazed? Not.



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