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Analysis and extended reasoning....

The McAuliffe Campaign made a calculated strategy that proved to be inspired and profound, which if followed skillfully without an equally skillful response from Republicans will, I think, result in the elimination of the GOP as a national force within the next election cycle.  That strategy was based on the apparent truth that young women think with and about their reproductive organs as much as do young men (as near as I could tell the only issue was abortion), and these young women want the intrusive welfare state to be their new baby-daddies.  Cuccinelli erred in thinking civil virtue was still prevalent among the Virginia voters, and that it would carry the day on his behalf.  He was wrong.

Since the hedonists have captured every single institution of western culture, apparently the highest value for this electoral cohort of unmarried women is copulation without consequence, hence the tendency for younger folks to behave essentially like barnyard animals with the enthusiastic enabling of the State. 

The GOP establishment, whether state or national, despises their cultural/fiscal conservative core, so the core will repay the favor as the GOPe continues its commitment to being “socialist lite.”  Without offering a meaningful alternative to the current National Socialist dynamic propelling the bipartisan central collective, there will be no reason for the TEA Partiers to even show up on election day.  While I have no crystal ball to the future, I would not be surprised to see the Democrats gain the House in 2014 and increase their lead in the Senate.  There is no rational reason for this, given the nearly 100% failure of every collectivist scheme enacted by the bipartisan Ruling Class, but you can never underestimate the cupidity of Karl Rove, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell nor the stupidity of GOP party hacks.  If the GOPe is complicit in amnesty for alien invaders, I might expect to see a near complete wipeout of the GOP on the national level, much like the Progressive Conservatives in Canada (who followed the same strategy of becoming more leftist) , who in the space of one election went from majority to extinction.

Certainly no victorious alternative (free market, anti-corruption,traditional-virtue-based, national integrity) presidential candidate will emerge from the GOP in my lifetime.

I have always been awestruck by the insidious genius of Antonio Gramsci, and am beginning to become a Cloward-Piven aficionado.  Short of direct Divine intervention the only way to fix the mess is for the utter collapse of The West and starting over from scratch.


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