John Galt Day!
                         Why not?
In a Friday the 13th speech to supporters in Roanoke, Va., Pres. Obama said, “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help…. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”

Headlines screamed:
   “Business Owners Furious at Obama Insult”
"Obama's “You Didn’t Build That” Enrages Business    
"Slap In The Face To Hard-Working Americans” 

Mostly it’s been the Conservative pundits, columnists, talk show hosts appropriately incensed, burning up bandwidth and air waves with passionate push-back. “This from a guy who has never run a business!” “This man has lived off tax-payer money his whole life!” “How many businesses has Obama run?” “This man was raised by Marxists and Communists. This proves he hates Capitalism and American Exceptionalism!” 

So far, so good.
 But living in our 24 Hour Non-Stop News Cycle World, by the time you’re reading this the story could already be ancient history: “Oh! This happened LAST Friday?!”

It doesn’t have to be that way. What if on August 13th,, the “anniversary” of “You Didn’t Do That” Day, business owners of America showed the statists just who John Galt is and declared “John Galt Day”, close their business for the day, keep the kids home from school?  Starve the Beast of its taxes; the ultimate government groin kick.

Next day, announce that come September, it will be TWO days. Use FaceBook, Twitter, talk radio, blogs to spread the word, invite others to join. You don’t have to be a major chain or Big Box store to send a crystal clear message. Imagine independent truckers pulling over, shutting down for the day. Mom & Pop stores of all sorts and types lock up andtake the family on a picnic. Notify the MSM: Welcome to the John Galt Day Flash Dance!

It doesn’t have to be All In, All At Once (and probably wouldn’t). It would more likely start like one of those cool flash mob dances all over the Internet. Watch! I dare you not to smile! And as Milton Friedman once told Walter Williams: Whenever you talk about Freedom, smile!

Sure, the Big Boys will probably take a pass. Best Buy, Bass Pro, Macy’s, Old Navy, Target, Wally World – they’ll be all “biz-as-usual”. So what? Every individual can declare his/her own personal John Galt Day. Isn’t everyone basically “in business” for themselves? Aren’t you? Isn’t “the individual the smallest minority”? (Ayn Rand). So, as a “minority business owner, I’m closed in honor of John Galt Day!”
Think about it:

*“Gone Galt” signs hanging in business windows 

*Voice Mail: “Hello, you’ve reached Exceptional Services. We are closed in honor of John Galt Day. We’ll be back tomorrow. Thanks for your business.  For more information, read 'Atlas Shrugged'.

Simple. No massive organizing. No herding cats. No moving parts. Literally: a spontaneously combusted Just Do It.  A current event silver bullet at Big Government. A gold nugget of Freedom for everyone to see. Or, if you prefer, a bitch-slap response to a Presidential insult.

Call your neighbors! Text your friends!  Ask your favorite business places to take the day. Get the local Chamber of Commerce behind it! Show your appreciation giving them your business!

 John Galt Day. August 13, 2012.

Just do it – for Freedom! (And it will feel really, really good!)

(Let me know how ya make out! (bmw@brianwilson.net))


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