Hello, TSA?

Some choice excerpts from the latest Jim Bovard article on the TSA...

The Transportation Security Administration treats American travelers like cattle being chuted to a civil liberties slaughterhouse....The TSA has rarely missed an opportunity to abuse Americans who refuse to kowtow...The TSA is like a nitwit magician who perennially pulls boondoggles out of a hat....The TSA is renowned as “security theater” - an organization whose byzantine rituals provide only an illusion of safety....After the TSA has harassed and humiliated millions of Americans, now is the time to throw the penalty flag back at the agency...Rather than making Americans safe from terrorists, the TSA made them prey to federal agents. 

After reading the entire piece, follow the E Z Instructions to call the TSA Polling Center and share your thoughts, feelings and/or experiences at the hands of this most lawless and intrusive Government waste of carbon and space.

And join Jim and me as we dis and cuss the TSA, NSA, lying politicians and governmental mission creep to destroy Freedom. The conversation can heard at the Libertas Media Project web site. 


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