Another Timely Reunion!

One of my pals going back to the days of "Brian & Bob" on WWRC/DC (circa 1992-95), Stephen Moore, then of the CATO Institute, now WSJ Editorial Board and author of "Who's The Fairest Of Them All" . Stephen has been a frequent guest on my shows from DC to San Fran to Dallas to...wherever! We get back together discussing his appearance on Bill Maher's "show", Toledo as a microcosm of the plague known as Liberalism, where the IRS scandal will take us and other cheery news!
Stephen's happy basketball nemesis, economist, author and professor extraordinaire, Walter E. Williams drops by for some fermented grape juice and timely conversation Friday afternoon.
Judge Napolitano is out gathering Frequent Flier Miles this week. "Judging Freedom" returns next Thursday. All the action is right here at the Libertas Media Project!


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